What’s the Big Deal with Christmas in the United States and with the New Year in Russia?

Why Christmas is so important? Why in Russia, all celebrations moved to New Year? Why those holidays are such a big deal? Read to find out!



The Christmas and New Year are the favorite time for many students, but why we celebrating it? What is the deal with them? Why in US it is Christmas, and in Russia is New Year?

Greetings Cushman! In the United States, Christmas is really important holiday. Almost every citizen have at least a Christmas tree. And many turn their houses in “A New North Pole”. But why in Russia, everything is moved to the New Year? Why those holidays are so important? And what’s the difference between the New Year and Christmas? Read to find out!

Once upon a time… Jesus was born, believe Christians. The true start of Christmas, actually was Roman Holiday “Saturnalia”. And when Christians wanted to make their religion grow, they turned Saturnalia into Christmas. For some people, this is sacred, religious holiday.  But for most of us, it is just a fun time to relax, watch some Christmas movies, and get something from St. Nicolas. Who is the St. Nicolas? Well, it is nobody else but Santa Claus! The presents, is also the part of Saturnalia. But, I think they didn’t have Santa back in Rome.

Today, Christmas is really important holiday for us. It is time for good deeds and words.

Now, we know more about Christmas, but what is the deal with the New Year? And why in Russia it is more important than Christmas?

New Year celebrations in Russia have many similarities with Christmas celebrations in the US. People watch movies and cartoons. In Russia, there even alternative to Santa Claus. His name is Father Frost. He is really (old) good and kind man with his own helpers, like Santa. But if Santa have elves as helpers, Father Frost have snowmen as helpers.

New Year celebrations in Russia really important. So, if you know any Russian, it is your responsibility to wish him “Happy New Year!”

So, why New Year, and not Christmas? Well when the Soviet Union (USSR) was formed, leaders didn’t like religion. So, they canceled Christmas, but moved all the joy and celebrations to the new year. “Father Frost”? In old stories and tales (not Soviet) he was a bad character! But today in Russia, he is actually “too kind” to kids.

Now., when you know why New Year and Christmas such a big deal, I need to say my last words: “Bye Cougars!”.

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