Static Electricity. What’s the difference?

What’s the difference between current and static electricity?



What is the difference between the static and current electricity? Read to find out!

Greetings Cushman! Today, I decided to create an article about static electricity. Are you interest? Well, than read the article!

When electric charge builds up, electrons that appear in-let’s say, shoes-want to escape somewhere. And when you touch a door handle, all those electrons escape to it through your hand. Now you know, whom you should blame for those shocks when you touch the door handle.

Another example of static electricity is when you rub a balloon on your hair. Electrons from your hair, escape to the balloon, giving it (a balloon) negative charge. Your hair, on the other hand, get’s positive charge. Because opposites attract, that balloon pulls your hair towards itself.

Static electricity can occur in many different forms. It can be inform of a lightning or shocks that happen when you touch the door handle. But let’s answer to our big question-“What’s the difference between static and current electricity?”

The answer is here: current electricity running out over period of time (like in battery). The static electricity-on the other hand-happening in one second.

Bye Cougars!

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