A 2020 Preview



With 2019 wrapping up and 2020 around the corner, you may be thinking, what will happen, or be invented in the new year. Before we begin, I would like to say a quick disclaimer: It is very hard to separate the truth from the fake news, some of this may not  happen.

Lets begin with the most anticipated movies!

-Mulan: In 2020, we are getting a Mulan makeover, this new Mulan movie will be very similar to the previous one but will not be animated, it contains real actors. The new movie will follow a similar storyline to the previous and will embrace the Asian Ninja culture.

-Sonic the Hedgehog: The video game known well around the world is coming to life! Sonic the Hedgehog was originally supposed come out this year but has postponed to 2020 because we protested for a better character design. The movie will be about Sonic and his adventures.

-Black Widow: The famous marvel character, Black Widow is getting her own movie. Obviously it will take place in the past before she was dusted, and around the time of the Captain America Civil War. The movie is a bioghraphy of the fiction cahracter, Black Widow.

-Ghost Busters: Afterlife: Ghost Busters, the famous movie franchise is getting a sequel. The original ghostbusters will be starring in this movie. This movie will follow the same storyline of the others and the Ghostbusters will face dangers as always.

That was movies, now lets get into inventions!

-Japan’s Robotic Moon Base: In 2020, Japan has anounced their mission to build a base on the moon. It’s purpose is for lunar exploration. It will be built by robots, and house them.

-The autonomous car (self driving car): Have you seen those google cars driving themselves around with that machine on their roof? Those are autonomous testing cars. Companies like Nissan, Google, and Ford have anounced an autonomous car on the market by 2020.

Now for politics!

-Trumps Impeachment: The vote from the House of Representatives about Trump’s impeachment was tonight. They voted yes. Trump is impeached but not convicted, that decision will go to the Senate, then they have to vote. Will Trump be completely removed from office in 2020?

-The election: The presidential election is coming up in 2020! Who do you think will win?

Finally, lets get into events!

-The Olympics: In 2020, Tokyo is holding the Summer Olympics!

-The Super bowl: The super bowl in 2020 is coming to the Hard Rock Stadium, here in Miami!

That was it for the most anticipated things coming in 2020, I hope you are excited.

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