Aladdin Was a “Whole New World”

Aladdin Was a

Danny Buckwell, Jr. Chief Editor

Have you ever been to a Broadway show and had to pay hundreds of dollars? Well, on Wed. 6th and Thur. 7th Aladdin was performed by the Cushman Middle School and it was as good as a Broadway show for only $5 per student and $10 per adult. It was at the MTC (Miami Theatre Center) and everyone had a lot of fun. The main characters were Max Cohen as Aladdin, Lily Kunkel as Jasmine, Brandon Schock as the sultan, Victoria Lea Plaza as the genie, and Samuel Delarosa as Jafar.

In my opinion I really think the acting was great. I also think the singing in each song was amazing. It opened up with the song “Arabian Nights.” Afterwards, it talked about who Jasmine should marry. I think the acting in that scene was really good. It kept going and the show was only  about an hour. Overall, I really think it was amazing. If your wondering what other people thought about it, I asked some people and here’s what they said:

“It was an experience.”- Linden

“It was awesome and surprising.”- Luna

“The actors were really good and overall it was great.”- Marcos

“It was wonderful and it let the actors shine.”- Ms. Kramer

“I loved it and I thought it was very well done.”- Ms. Ostrowski

“It was great, but the audience was really bad.”- Mr. Martinez

The audience seemed like they really liked it, but what did the actors in Aladdin think?

“It was fun, but because I wasn’t a big character it was boring at some times. When I did get to perform though, It was a lot of fun.”- Jonas

“It was so much fun and I enjoyed getting to skip school, but I had to make up a lot of work.”- Christian

“It was a lot of fun and nothing was bad about it.”- Manuel

“It was hard because I had a big role with a lot of lines. Even though I had all of this pressure, I still really enjoyed it. Also, the audience in the first night was better than the second.”- Sammy

“It was really fun, but I didn’t like that there were only two performances because I would’ve liked three or four of them.”- Max

“It was great and I didn’t dislike anything.”- Lina

Those aren’t all of the people in Aladdin or the people that watched it, but it was a lot of them and they all seemed like they really liked it including me.

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