Trump: Should He Be Re-Elected?


Danny Buckwell, Jr. Chief Editor

Trump has gone through a lot recently. He may be impeached, but he also may be able to win re-election. So, what do you think? Should he be re-elected, or not?

Trump, he is not doing so well, lately. He has been threatened with impeachment and has not gained any more supporters. The other day, he was willing to break a law by holding G7 (a summit between the leaders of the seven most powerful world economies)  in his resort in Miami and trying to make money from all of the people that were going to the meeting and had to stay in his resort. It’s okay to do it if you’re not a president, but he is one and he still almost did it. Afterwards, he said it was a bad law, but it’s in the constitution.

President Trump also had a phone call with the Ukrainian president about getting dirt on Joe Biden. He threatened to withhold military aid, unless he gave him the information he wanted. It is called a quid pro quo which means something for something. Trump said he didn’t do a quid pro quo, but a whistle blower (who is a person that can listen to all of the president’s phone calls) heard the phone call and told everyone the truth which is that the president lied. This is what led Congress to begin impeachment hearings against president Trump.

After all this, should he be re-elected? I don’t think so, but this is a choice that you can make after reading all of this. Then, it’ll be up to congress whether or not he should be impeached and removed from office.


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