Mr. Martinez is More Than Just a Teacher

Do you like video production or science? Well, Mr. Martinez does and if you want to learn more about him, you should read this story.

            To start, Mr. Martinez is a science and video production teacher. His favorite class to teach is video production because he likes making movies, but some days he likes science better. He doesn’t have any pets, but he has a roommate with a cat named “Paneras” (named after a character from his favorite book “Storm of Swords).” His favorite sport is quidditch which is played in colleges (not just in Harry Potter). His favorite grade was junior year in high school because his girlfriend that wasn’t so good dumped him and he became less shy and had a lot more fun. His favorite book is “Storm of Swords” because he thinks it is really exciting. He’s been at Cushman for 3 years and he was a substitute for a whole year. One of his favorite movies is “Blade Runner 2049” because it is a great story and they filmed it really good. What inspired him to be a teacher was making a difference with the youth and he just needed a job. His favorite thing to teach is Science Fridays and his favorite one was inspired by Jasmine Rossi.

In conclusion, I think Mr. Martinez is a fun interesting teacher and isn’t just a normal teacher because he cares about all of his students. He is s really nice teacher who I look forward to being in class with.

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