The Skills America Forgot


The Library of Congress

The United States' drive and passion for success has transferred to a renewed heightening of political isolation, stubbornness, and passion within its people. But this vigor can preclude America's advancement unlike it has in the past. In fact, such vigor in the current form can split America and the world apart if a remedy is not found quickly. If certain skills are not remastered.

Lord Toussaint, Editor in Chief

In life, one will always find a time when they are forced to compromise and understand others. In fact, you may even say, being able to do so is the reason man has progressed. Unfortunately, in this day and age (of intense individualism) people have forgotten the importance of this skill and have become stubborn. Stubborn to the point where they no longer care about anything except getting their way. Often without realizing it, they disregard the opinions of others and show no willingness compromise with others. They simply care about what they believe in and believe that everything else must be dammed. This sentiment is what has led to the belligerence and intransigence that plague our society today, especially in the United States. For that simple reason, people should learn to develop the skills that would better allow us to understanding one another and find compromise.

This over blown individualism can be found most clearly within our nation’s government, especially in Congress. Politicians have allowed their parties to define and govern their way of life to the point where everything is on the basis of party. (A stark and ironic contrast to the individualist phenomena, but as extremes elongate and progress, they often tend to meet the other in some ironic way or another, out of the believer’s control). Citizens send their congressmen and woman to work on their behalf and protect their interests in Congress, to deal and to make deals on their behalf for a better future. But really, their representatives have become incapable of doing so. They have become overly partisan and stubborn. Which clearly shows they have lost the essential skills of understanding others and compromising with them. It is this that has led to the deterioration of our union and people and it is this ineptness that has led to the turbulent times that we live in. It is the responsibility of our government, to protect our union, but if those in the government can’t deal, can’t cooperate, can’t understand each other where will we go?

Out government’s ineptness to compromise and the result of that ineptness can be seen as an analogy for life. We as individuals want to lead our own lives, it is as if we live by the motto of the state of Maine, “Dirgo,” I direct. We simply have become so obsessed with directing that we have forgotten that we are all human and that we all want what is best for humanities’ future. In order to get back on track, in order to save ourselves from catastrophe, we must compromise with and understand one another. We must be willing to give up a bit of control and not have everything go exactly how we want it to. The road of life is bumpy, and to navigate it properly, we must not only learn to hold on for the ride and expect the bluffs and beatings; but must learn to give a bit to receive a bit, learn just how to attain a balance. To make something good for ourselves. To make that road smoother. Or we will be the reason for our own inevitable demise. Hopefully, however, if this intransigence forces us to recalibrate it will will not foretell our demise, but rather, our rebirth.


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