Jose Molla’s (My dad!) Interview


Luna Molla, The Grand Empress, Editor In Chief


“You know, back in my day…”

The dreaded words.

We’ve all heard them some time or other.

“Back in my day, we actually went outside, not spent the day with our eyes glued to the screen!” “When I was a kid, the world wasn’t so complicated!”

This got me thinking. Our parents, grandparents, and even great-grandparents (however odd it may seem) were teenagers! So, I got curious. Was my parent’s lives as teens like it is today, or is it the dream world they always describe. So I decided to find out.


Jose Molla’s Interview:


Who did you idolize growing up?


“ Well, not really my father, but maybe the father of my father, who I had never met. He had to flee his own country at 14 and escape Spain’s civil war and move to a foreign country (Argentina) and where he later started his own very successful ad agency.”


  Who was your celebrity crush growing up? 


“Farrah Fawcett, from Charlie’s Angels, but I don’t know what I was thinking. My wife’s the most beautiful woman alive, hands down.”


What were your interests? Why?


“Water sports and fishing, because I love the water, and I was hungry. Just kidding! I love how I can lose myself for hours doing it. In fact, as a kid, I had a house in a popular vacation spot in Argentina, Pinamar. It was by the lake, and I would literally get up at six in the morning, set the fishing pole, and stay there until five in the afternoon! I love how I can just get lost in it. It truly is my passion.”


What’s your favorite part about being a father? 


“Good question. Probably that I never feel lonely! There’s always someone in the house that’s willing to go on a water ‘expedition’, or someone to cuddle and watch a movie with. It’s more than I could’ve asked for from life.”

What do you love so much about writing? Why?


“ I love to surprise myself with my own thinking. I love being like, ‘whoah, where did that come from?!”


What’s your favorite part about Miami?


 “The ocean and the beach. No questions asked. I love being able to wake up super early, go kite-surfing in the morning, watch the sunrise, take a quick shower, and go to work. And after work, the jacuzzi does the trick!”


What are your hobbies? 


“Spearfishing, kitesurfing, and snowboarding. I’m very adventurous, and I love to try new things!”


Where do you think you’ll be in five to ten years? “


Hopefully, still in Miami and in the same house with my family.”


Who is your idol now? 


“Elon Musk.”


Who’s your favorite musician? 


 “Good one. Of all time: The Cure and Soda Stereo, but for now it’s Radiohead. !”


What’s your favorite trip you’ve taken so far? 


“Going to French Polynesia with my family and celebrating my 50th birthday in Bora Bora. They surprised me with a beautiful candlelit dinner by the beach, complete with a three course meal and one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve seen in my life!”


What inspired you to start writing?


 “When I was sixteen, I had a motorcycle and way too much time on my hands, and I was hanging around with my friends by a fire truck station. Suddenly, a truck zoomed out of the station, lights flashing. And we got an idea. We followed the truck to the scene: a house, taken up in flames. We continued doing this, relishing in the action and adrenaline. I started to write about it, and here I am!”


What is the biggest risk you ever took?


 “Opening my own company, leaving the safety of a monthly check and opening my own company with my brother, in a new city.”


What is your favorite advertisement you’ve made?


“ A live campaign I did for Nike, and took place at 160 different live spots. One of my favorites was ten minutes into the movie Big (with Tom Hanks)! We gave away the movie ending, and then said, ‘go train! We got over 1,000 people calling to complain!”


What was your favorite food growing up? 


“Milanesa, like any good Argentine child!”


So, what did I learn about my father that I didn’t know? Well, maybe it’s not about the specifics of his answers and more about the character of the man he is: a man who has persevered, endured, and after it all, managed to succeed. But it’s not just about that. He’s a dad who cares, a husband who loves, and I know that firsthand. I’ve learned about how he was as a teen, and I realized, it’s not so different from us! I feel much, much closer to him now, and teenage him.

Bye, Cougars!

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