Where Am I Now?

How have you changed from the first day you walked into the Cushman Middle School?

Where am I now?


Where am I now?

Jasmin Rossi, News Editor

Remember that very first day you walked into the 6th grade. How did you feel? Well, you probably felt much younger than you do now. You were a young kid, fresh from Elementary School, now in a big world filled with lockers, classes, new teachers, and practically, a new life! 

For some, this is a bigger change than for others. Some feel much more grown up, others feel  the same. But, what everyone experiences is a change. Whether this change is big or small depends on the person.

Now, think about it. Where are you now? What have you learned? What did you accomplish? A lot, right? Just look back at the 5th grade, things were just so different! 

So here’s something to think about. Why do we go into divisions called “Middle School” and “High School”? Why not just stay in a division called “Elementary School” or “Primary School”? 

Just like you mature, your environment changes and matures with you. In Middle School, you can tackle new problems and new ideas. You can meet new people and see new things. Your education expands and you understand things you never even knew about. That’s why. To expand and to mature

Think about it. And, ask yourself this one crucial question: “Where am I now?” and what have you accomplished? You’re bigger now, and not the little kid who came into the 6th Grade. So own it! Act it! Be it! And remember, you can do anything! Besides, you’ve come so far already!


I wonder, who will the person who walks out of the Middle School be? 


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