What is the Corona Virus?

What is the Corona Virus?

Danny Buckwell, Jr. Editor in Chief

The Corona Virus. We’ve heard a lot about it lately whether it was from the 425 people that

passed away or if it was from China being quarantined. There are many different Corona Viruses, but this is the most dangerous one that has encountered people. It gives respiratory infections which makes it hard to breath. That’s just like a disease called pneumonia.Pneumonia is a disease where water gets trapped in your lungs making you incapable of breathing. It is dangerous, but there are ways to treat it. However, the Corona Virus is different. It cannot be treated. It is also very dangerous because it is spreading very fast. That’s why China is being quarantined. Only a week ago, the person who found out about the Corona Virus passed away from it. It keeps getting scarier and it keeps spreading faster more, but have we seen something like this one?

There have been other Corona Viruses. These ones cause common colds. Seven of these Corona Viruses have come in contact with humans, but this one is very different. This one has caused 24,324 cases of it in China and even more cases in 25 other countries. More than 80% of the people that got the virus were above 60 and already had health care problems. Hubei (a landlocked province in central China) has been hit the hardest by the virus having 479 deaths and 16,678 cases.

So far, scientists believe the Corona Virus has come from bats, snakes, marmots, or birds from being eaten in China. It all came from the Wuhan seafood market that does not only sell seafood, but also illegal wildlife which is where the sickness came from. You’ll probably only get it if you’re in China. Otherwise, it would be very unlikely, but it has spread to many othexr countries.

What’s really the scariest part of the virus is that we have no vaccine for it, meaning we have no treatment, meaning, if you have it, you could pass away. Chances are though if you get it you will recover from it. Though this is what will happen if you get it, you shouldn’t worry about it unless you’re in China because it is very rare. Although you shouldn’t be worried about it, you should still be aware of it and you should not forget about it. Scientists are working on vaccines to help treat it, so if you manage to be safe for some time, you should be okay.

The Corona Virus is very dangerous, but eventually it will be fixed. Just make sure you don’t go to China and be safe!



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