Blowing Another Leaf

Blowing Another Leaf

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Jasmin Rossi, News Editor

Six days ago, just six, I remember hearing my sister gasp, exclaiming “Kobe Briant died!”. Immediately, everything became silent, until the usual…” What? How?”. After that, no words were spoken; simply the look of overwhelming sadness filled the room. It was tragic. However, it was not so much the fact that Kobe Bryant and his thirteen-year-old daughter Gianna died, it was the fact that they died so unexpectedly.

The basketball star and his daughter, among nine others in the aircraft, passed away in a helicopter crash in Calabasas, California. Nobody saw it coming, and that is what made it so tragic. All I could think about after that was how the world would react. Sure enough, almost immediately, posts popped up on Instagram, stories were posted on Facebook, and updates were given on every news channel. All over the world, fans sobbed and cried. The whole universe seemed as though it was slowly fading away…

The sadness of the incident really makes a person think about how you can lose someone in the snap of a finger. A person’s life can end in an instant. This is why we all need to remember to be kind and caring throughout life, to acknowledge one another, and always tell a person how you feel. When you feel rage spiraling up inside of you, tame it. Even if you let it out, never leave your loved one without an “I love you.” Just don’t.

The point of this is to help remind all of us to always be grateful, kind, and appreciative people. You never know how long your loved one will be there for you. However, there is also always a positive aspect to even the saddest things in life…

For example, the world uncovered such wonderful things about Kobe Bryant and his daughter. We learned that the celebrity we all looked up to, whether you were into basketball or not, was really just like us. He had a beautiful family, and four incredible children. He was clever, kind, and caring. He left an inspiring legacy and mark on the world. So, although a terrible incident occurred and although it happened to one of the best of us, we can always make the most of it.

Positivity is always possible. It’s just up to us to find it. Now remember, be kind, loving, and never forget that special “I love you”. You have the power to do this, so don’t be afraid of it!

Lots of love,


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