Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…


Brad Mitchell Photography

Jasmin Rossi, News Editor

How many times have you judged yourself? Wait! Trick question, there is no answer to that. There would be no way, even if we wanted to, to keep track of the number of times we judge ourselves. We, as the humankind, judge everything, and that’s just the way we are. I mean, think about it, if you see someone for the first time, you’re automatically rating them. Are they pretty, are they ugly? Do they look smart? What about the outfit? And, guess what? Just based on that information, we like or dislike that person.

Now, from a very young age, we’re told to never judge a book by its cover. The content of a person is more than the appearance. The only issue is that although we know this is true…we never truly take it to heart. It’s hard to accept yourself at times. It really is.

The truth is that nobody, of course, is perfect. We all have things to improve on, and we shouldn’t idolize ourselves too much, that is never good. However, we can learn from our mistakes and make the best of them. We can take our flaws and use them for the better, we can improve our character and become better people, but it all starts with self-acceptance.

What is self-acceptance? In my words, self-acceptance is being happy with the person you are. It is being proud of who you are. Finally, an aspect of it is remembering that, just like our daily morning pledge states, you will remember that you have people who care about you in your family, school, and community. People love you for who you are. They love the special person you are. You are beautiful, just the way you are, and I say this to you truthfully and wholeheartedly. You are sweet, classy, and maybe even a touch of sassy. Never forget that.

There is so much we can still improve on when it comes to self-acceptance. Why should you care what people say about you? If someone is bold enough to say something mean, they’re not your friend, and they just could not care less about you. So why should you care so much about them?

Everyday when you wake up, remind yourself how special you are. You were put onto the Earth by people who love you more than anything, and you are fortunate enough to have these special people…

Be you, be strong, and never back down from who you are! Hope to see you smiling!



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