Why Basketball is the Best Sport EVER!

Why Basketball is the Best Sport EVER!

Cayden Kukreja, CSN Correspondent


Basketball is definitely the best sport ever.  I first picked up a basketball when I was 5. I had a mini hoop that I could shoot on because I definitely could not score on a 10 ft. hoop. I learned how to dribble and shoot on a 10 ft. hoop when I was 7.  I made my first 3 pointer when I was 9. Anyway, some of my favorite players are Damien Lillard, Anthony Davis, Lebron James, Kobe, and Kyrie Irving. In my opinion the best dunkers are Lebron, Aaron Gordon, Jones Junior, and Zach Levine. The best team is definitely the Heat. The Heat and the Lakers are probably going to the finals this year.

I also had an idea that there could be an MNBA ( Miniature NBA ) for the kids that look up to the NBA and there could be a lowered hoop and smaller ball so that we can dunk like a regular NBA court.  It is unfair to the kids who look up to NBA players , for example Lebron, they become the “mini Lebron.”

In Conclusion, basketball is the best sport ever. It is very simple, all you do is crossover, pass, shoot, score, and hopefully there is going to be an MNBA, so we can all show how awesome we really are (this is all my opinion).









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