2020 Concerts


A.M.C Abyss, Author

Hey Guys, Gals, and Non-Binary Pals! There are some concerts coming up quick! I have some listed in this very article you are reading. I personally love music and concerts and it is a big part of our culture as a world. You may have heard of some of the artists/bands going on tour soon.

You’ve probably heard of MCR before. If you don’t know the band, they are an Alternative rock, emo band that was active from 2001-2013 and then disbanded until 2019. They have recently announced that they are going on tour this year. Tickets range from about $238-$569 per person (They may or may not be sold out. I’m not sure.). Honestly, I really want to go to this concert. Many people are very excited for this (including myself). They are coming to Sunset, Florida 2020 on September 26th on a Saturday. So, if you want to see this concert, get your tickets as soon as possible!

To all you Billie Eilish fans out there: She is going on tour! Tickets are still selling right now going for about $197- $1074. I enjoy her music, but I do think this is a bit too expensive for most people. She will be at the American Airlines Arena on Monday, March 9, 2020. Currently there are almost no tickets left so get them soon!

Elton John is also preforming at the American Airlines Arena. You can go see him on May 30th, 2020. He is the artist of songs such as “I’m still standing” and “Hakuna Matata”. He has multiple concerts coming up, but this is the most recent one I’ve seen. Whether you have heard of him or not, you have probably heard his music once or twice. Tickets range from $146-$1,010 per person.

There are many more concerts to name but look how long this article already is! I’ve done my own research and ticket searching so, I’ hoping everything is accurate! I hope this article helped you. I enjoyed making this article because I found out when my favorite bands are playing. Stay tuned for more articles!

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