Iowa Caucuses


Angelina Marley Febres and Sydney Rodriguez

Last Monday, the third of February, the Iowa Caucuses were held. This event is part of the presidential primaries which help decide each party’s choice for the presidency. The primaries decide who the nominee of their preferred party is. It’s basically an election before the election. A Caucus is a little different because it’s more like a town meeting. Everyone talks about the event while the delegates listen and they decide based on what the people are saying. These events are important because they will determine who will go against President Trump in November. This year the focus is more on the democrats. The two leading candidates are Joe Bide and Bernie Sanders. Following them are Pete Buttigeg and Elizabeth Warren. As President Trump made his State of the Union Address and as the Impeachment Trial comes to an end we are still receiving results from the Iowa Caucuses days after it took place. But why the hold up you may ask? The math was just not adding up.

So now what went wrong? Well… It all started with an app the party developed that suddenly crashed. The issue was that the app was fairly new and hadn’t been tested. As some people started noticing the app was having issues they started calling in to report their votes. What they didn’t realize was that now because so many people were calling in the phone lines started getting backed up. Which just created another issue on top of everything else.We finally as of February 7th now know the complete results of the Iowa Caucus. This whole week the results have been trickling little by little. Now we know that Pete Buttigeg and Bernie Sanders are in the lead, Pete Buttigeg leading by two more votes.

What is happening next in the 2020 election you may ask? The New Hampshire primaries are coming up next week and following them will be the South Carolina primaries. Maybe the people who are leading our polls right now will stay in the lead. Or maybe not. Who knows, maybe Micheal Bloomberg will start rising in polls. It all depends on the next two weeks. Below take our poll and tell us who you would like to vote for. Maybe you will see someone who you will want to vote for or if not you can always just vote none of the above?

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