What Happened at New Hampshire?

What Happened at New Hampshire?

Danny Buckwell, Jr. Editor in Chief

Only two days ago was the New Hampshire primary debate. We’ve already talked about the Iowa Caucus, but what happened at this Democratic debate? Who won and who came in second? Well, let’s find out!

As we know, Pete Buttigieg won the Iowa Caucus, but he didn’t win this time. Instead, he came in second place with 72,457 votes. Bernie Sanders, who won, made 76,324 votes just passing Buttigieg. They were both very close and knowing that Sanders usually make New Hampshire by a lot, he was probably very upset seeing how close Pete got to beating him. Now that they have both won a primary debate, it looks like they are the leading Democrats.

In third place came Amy Klobuchar with 58,796 votes behind by almost 20,000 still did very well. Since the beginning of the elections, she has rose up with polls by a lot since she now has more than 5% and that is a lot if you think about it, it’s more than 5% of a whole country. She even passed Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren in this primary debate. In fourth place Elizabeth Warren came in with 27,387 votes. She beat Joe Biden (who came in fifth place) by less than 300 votes. Joe Biden had 24,921 votes at this primary debate. Since the call with the Ukrainian president, he has been doing worse. At first he looked like he would win, but since all of the impeachment trials with President Trump, it has not been the same.

In sixth place came Tom Steyer with 10,727 votes. He has had some good moments, but he has not done as good as the other candidates. In 7th place, Tulsi Gabbard had 9,655 votes. Next, Andrew Yang came in 8th place with 8,315 votes, but then left the race. A lot of people liked Andrew Yang and were sad for him to leave, but it gave more opportunities for other Democrats that are still in the race. In 9th place came Deval Patrick with 1,266 votes. He never had that many supporters so it is not a surprise that he ended up leaving afterwards also. Finally, in 10th place came Michael Bennet with only 963 votes and then left the race.

It is surprising that so many people left the race, but it’s not surprising who left the race. Andrew Yang, Deval Patrick, and Michael Bennet weren’t doing great since the beginning and now it’s the end. It’s not the end for everyone though. As we have seen Bernie Sanders, Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, and Michael Bloomberg look like they have a good chance on winning, but we will just have to find out.

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