Coming up Living Museum


Alexis Adler, Author

Hello! Next week on February 21st is the 6th grade Living Museum. All of the 6th graders will dress up as a historic or living person in America and tell the stories of their lives. The 6th graders have been working on an essay and a self-portrait and a board for their chosen person. Last year, Luna, Jasmin, Marcos, Henry, and Alexis were in it and they had amazing costumes! Some of the people in the Cushman Chronicle crew are in this year’s Living Museum. They are:

Daniel Buckwell- Jesse Owens

Sydney Rodriguez- Marian Anderson

Matilde Canamaque- Coretta Scott King

Natalia Krasovitsky- George Washington

Alexis Adler- Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Vitoria Thomas- Oprah Winfrey

Angelina Febres- Pauline Cushman

Luis Ortega- Nikola Tesla

I hope everyone will join us to see the amazing work the 6th graders have accomplished! Will be under the Elementary School Pavilion for periods 1-2 and make sure you don’t miss the beginning for the Bill-o-Rights rap! Se you there!

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