TKAM Perspective: The Trial (CH-17-19)

Linden Schweiger

To start off I’d like to say Spoiler Warning to any of those who haven’t read To Kill a Mockingbird. Basically we have a packet for this book with writing prompts and for this one it was not required to do, but I was told extra credit if I do it and make it into a newspaper article so duh Cushman chronicle is a newspaper. I will be writing of Mr. Underwood the owner of The Maycomb Tribune which is Maycombs newspaper.


Extra Extra, Read all about it Tom Robinson’s Trial.

Today the Trial of Tom Robinson has begun, and I Mr. Underwood the owner of The Maycomb Tribune will be on sight reporting it all to you, the citizens of Maycomb.

Heck Tate was first called up, he claims he was leaving the Police Station when Mr. Bob Ewell came to him and said his daughter Mayella Ewell was violently attacked and the witness Tom Robinson fled the scene. Mr. Ewell refused to call an ambulance and we later find out he cannot afford this. He later arrests Tom Robinson. When Atticus Finch cross-examined he learns that Mr. Ewell is not well educated and is left-handed (we know Mayella was beaten with a left hand) Atticus has Tom show that he lost his left arm in a cotton gin accident when he was a youngster currently showing that he cannot use the arm (fully shown when he tries to take the oath)

Mayella’s testimony was long, in my opinion, she acted like a 9-year-old when she says shes “19 and a half” instead of just 19. Who else besides a little child says “and a half” She says Tom came by everyday and first she had him chop up a Chifferobe (a closet thing) and he refused to be paid saying “it was the right thing to do” Mayella had Tom keep coming to help her with chores and he kept refusing pay. Until one day on the Evening of November 21st when she had him do work inside she claims, om attacked her violently. (for publishing sake we will not go into details)

Tom sees the story differently he says on the Evening of November 21st after Mayella invited him in he was grabbing something for her when Mayella grabs his ankles and started kissing him on the cheeks. Mayella than screams and Mr. Ewell close by hears this and runs, see’s tom in the window and then threatens to kill him. Tom Claims it was a lose-lose situation. If he stayed he might have been killed if he ran he would be found guilty, he ran and know he is here today.

This has been Mr. Underwood, with The Maycomb Tribune make sure to keep an eye out for our next edition of The Maycomb Tribune and when the Trial is done we will fill you all fully in!


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