Beautiful Words Have Been Said…

Sydney Rodriguez and Isabella Thomas

Vanessa Bryant made a mesmerizing speech for Kobe and Gianna Bryant. The speech was made just 1 month after her daughter, husband and 7 others died in a horrible helicopter crash on their way to a basketball game in Southern California. It was made from the heart and brought many people to tears. We think that Vanessa making a speech about Kobe and Gianna was very bold and inspiring because she is probably going through a lot and it is amazing that she was able to have the courage to talk about it. She honored Kobe and Gigi with a very moving speech but it was beautiful. She was emotional but sometimes it is good to express your feelings by talking about something or someone you love. Her beautiful words affected many people and most likely many people around the world.

Once Vanessa walked up to the podium she took a lot of deep breaths. She seemed like she had a lot to say but it was just too much for her to share. She started off by thanking everyone for coming and then saying, “The outpouring of love and support from people around the world has been so uplifting. Thank you for all of your prayers.” This statement shows us that she is noticing us and she is grateful for what we are doing for this unfortunate loss.  After that she said that she wants to talk about Kobe and Gigi but she will start with her baby girl first. She started talking about her daughter, Gigi. As she was talking you could perceive the pain she had around the stadium. Of course, she was hurt and feeling all mixed up emotions but she still had a lot to say.

Vanessa said that Gigi is an amazingly sweet and gentle soul. She said how she was very thoughtful and always kissed her mama goodnight and good morning. She explained how Gigi was daddy’s girl but she did love her mama. She said that she would  always show mama how much she loved her. Gigi loved watching cooking shows with her mom, NBA games with her dad, and Disney movies with her sisters. Vanessa also said how Gigi was very competitive like her dad. But Gigi still had a sweet grace to her. She said how Gigi’s smile was just like hers. It was big and it lit up her whole face. Kobe would say that Gigi was just like her mom because she had Vanessa’s fire, personality, sarcasm, she was tender and loving on the inside, and that their laugh was the same. Kobe said that their laugh is pure and genuine.

As Vanessa is talking about Gigi she would pause and cry a little. This shows that talking about this is really hard  and heartbreaking for her. She continues talking about Gigi and says how Gigi was confident but not in an arrogant way. She loved helping others that even at school she offered the coach to give the boy’s basketball team some pointers. Gigi helping others reflects from her daddy. Vanessa says that they are both great teachers. Vanessa explains how Gigi was very family orientated and always kept her family together. She loved family traditions and would always spend time with her family. Vanessa also said that she Gigi was very smart. She knew how to speak, read, and write Mandarin and she knew Spanish. She had good grades and kept them up. She was president of school spirit in student council and she was the directors assistant for the school play.

Vanessa said how Gigi never conformed. She would always be herself no matter what. She had her own style and Vanessa said that she had swag and rhythm ever since she was a baby. Vanessa also explained how she loved Gigi’s hugs. She that they were so great because she could feel Gigi love her. At a point Vanessa got too emotional and started to cry more. This was because she said how she would never see Gigi go to high school, never teach her how to drive a car, she will never have the chance to say how beautiful she looks on her wedding day, never see her walk down the aisle, and never see her have babies of her own. Her listing all these things must have crushed her heart into pieces. I bet it is very tough to know that you wont get to see or be there when your daughter does all these things.

Vanessa explained how Gigi would have been a great NBA player and would make a huge difference in women’s basketball. Gigi always wanted to change the way how others see women. She would make projects in school about that problem and would want to defend that issue. Then Vanessa starts saying that everyone misses Gigi and that she will miss her gorgeous smile, her kisses, her handmade cards, and all her kindness. Vanessa finishes talking about her baby girl, Gigi and moves on to her soulmate, Kobe.

Vanessa says that Kobe was known as a fierce basketball player on the court. Everyone would say that he was the greatest of all time, a writer, an Oscar winner, and the black mamba. But to Vanessa he was her bestfriend, husband, loving father to their children, and her soulmate. Vanessa explains how she could have never seen him as a celebrity or just an amazing basketball player. She saw him as a great husband and a beautiful father to their children. Vanessa says how she was Kobe’s first girlfriend, first love, his wife, his bestfriend, and his protector. She said how Kobe would do anything for her and that she had no idea on how she deserved such an amazing man. She also said that Kobe was definitely the romantic one in their relationship. She always looked forward to valentines day. Kobe planed special trips and a special traditional gift for every year of their marriage.

Vanessa explained how he was so thoughtful and tried his best to be a great husband, father, and athlete. Vanessa said that Kobe was the MVP of girl dads. He always taught their daughters to keep trying and to never give up no matter how tough it can be. He always reminded the girls how beautiful and smart they are. He also taught the girls to be brave. He will always try his best because he knew there was always room for improvement. He enjoyed carpooling with the girls and he would help Vanessa bathe his younger daughters almost every night. Vanessa said that Kobe had magic arms. He was always able to put his younger daughter to sleep in a only a few mins. He always made his daughters laugh and smile.

Vanessa said that there was time when Kobe bought  her a dress from the movie, “The Notebook”. Kobe got her the blue dress. Vanessa explained that he got the blue dress for her because that was the dress Allie wore when she got back together with Noah in the movie. Vanessa and Kobe always hoped to be like Allie and Noah. They hoped to be like them because they wanted to grow old together and still love each other until they pass away. A few weeks before Kobe and Gigi passing away, Kobe sent Vanessa a message saying how he wanted to spend time with her alone without the kids because she is his first bestfriend. Vanessa said that they never had the chance to do that because they were so busy. But she said that she is still very grateful to still have that text from Kobe.

Vanessa continued to talk about Kobe but then she finished her speech by saying “Kobe, please take care of our Gigi.” She said that she misses both of them very much and everyone else misses them too. We think that this speech was so inspiring and touching. She was able to talk about this in front of a bunch 0f people, even though it must have been really tough. It touched our hearts and brought us to tears (Well it actually brought Sydney to tears).

But besides all that, this speech gave us a reminder for all of us to never take anything for granted and to always cherish your moments with your family and friends. It also reminded us that we may want to have someone be in our life forever but you never know when they will be gone. So when you get home thank your family for everything they have done for you, hug them, and show them that you love them. Never take them for granted.