A Peek Into the Closet of 2020’s Upcoming Fashion Trends!

Luna and Jasmin, Editors in Chief


“Ten minutes to runway everybody, ten minutes to runway!’’ We’ve all fantasized that we were walking down a runway, wearing our mom’s heels and party dresses that fit us five sizes too big,  or at least, Jasmin and I did. But one thing’s pretending in the hallway of your home with your mom filming you, and it’s a complete other thing when you’re walking down a runway, spotlight on you, wearing la creme de la creme of modern fashion. Fashion is such a huge industry; from pink spots to blue hexagons, fashion seems to change every day. Among colors, patterns and styles, it’s hard to come up with something original. Because, let’s be honest, we all know that feeling in the summer where we spot that stylish bathing suit and immediately fall for it. The ultimate “ooh, la, la!” moment. Why is that, though? What defines style? And most importantly, what’s heating up for the summer and spring season? 


Luna and I decided to find out! 


So, let’s imagine ourselves backstage, just about to tell the world exactly what summer trends are coming up.


 Well, a little birdie told us that puff sleeves, metallic leather, drawstrings, and wrapped ankles will all come into play this spring-summer season! As for our color palette, the New York Fashion Week’s sunny colors are “colors that convey a sense of ease” according to the executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, Leatrice Eisman. Flame Scarlet, a sort of vibrant orange-reddish color is one of the new fashionable tones. Next, saffron, which is almost, if you will, a pastel and mellow yellow is also something to keep your eye on! Finally, classic blue is in the new! The good thing about blue is that it’s super easy to wear and you can easily mix and match almost anything with this color.


Now, jewelry may seem a bit cliché, but it actually plays a big role in fashion, and it can make or break an outfit. The perfect piece of jewelry may just be able to add that extra glimmer in your eye. So what jewelry is booming this year? Colorful jewelry is very popular this spring-summer season, and some of the picks for this year even follow Pantone’s color guide for 2020. As for earrings, well, it looks like they were single this Valentine’s Day. You know why? Wait for it…wait for it…because one of the 2020 trends is the “single earring” one. C’mon, give us some credit for that! Finally, according to Harper’s Bazaar magazine, oversized chains are coming strong! While Jasmin likes them, Luna does not think too highly of the large style necklaces.


Now, there is much more to this trendy world than just women’s fashion; men’s fashion also plays a pivotal role.When we think of fashion, sometimes we only think of the feminine side of it, however that’s not good. We need to learn to change our ways, so Luna and I have decided we would take the first step in doing so. According to TheTrendSpotter, cross-body bags are big this upcoming season.. Additionally, cuban collared shirts are something special, too. Cuban collared shirts are shirts that are light and breezy, which makes them perfect for the warmer months. They are also colorful, allowing them to fit into our whole “color” theme for the year. Another big trend is over-the-knee shorts. These are actually made really intelligently because they protect you from pesky summer pests. And although this may start to seem like a bit of a broken record, they come in many styles and colors, too! 


Hi! It’s Luna. In my opinion (and mind you, people have many different opinions), I believe that these trends are a wonderfully artful mix of vintage and modern fashions. For example, Cuban collared shirts and flare pants are considered to be vintage, but they’re making a roaring comeback since Men’s Fashion Week. However, some trends aren’t my cup of tea. For example, I find the ‘oversized chains’ clunky and unnecessary, but I love the new trendy colors. All in all, I think fashion plays a pivotal, ever-changing role in our day-to-day lives and I can’t wait to see how it continues to change!


(Jasmin here!) Summer and spring trends, to me, are some of the most exciting parts of fashion! The suspense of what new trends and colors are coming in throughout the winter and fall season keeps the world ready to rumble for the latest fashion trends. I love how this year, Pantone’s color palette is vibrant and colorful, because in this modern day and age, I feel that we need more happiness and color around the world! The clothing is light and modern while the jewelry is classy but different. It’s a glamorous combo!  It also really shows how quickly we can change the way we style ourselves; all in the matter of a year or two! I’m so excited to see how fashion continues to change year after year, and I already am thinking about next year’s trends! 


So, to close off our article, what defines style? Style is different for everybody, because everybody has their own opinion and perspective on fashion. While one thing may look great in Luna’s eyes, it could look bad in Jasmin’s, and vice versa. Style is awesome because it can reflect your personality with clothes and accessories, and though happiness should not be rooted in this, it can, after all, make you feel joyful and confident with yourself. Don’t be afraid to try new styles and step out of your comfort zone. That’s what fashion is about, finding your new skin in clothing, increasing your confidence and overall self esteem. That’s what is important, and as long as you feel good in what you wear, you don’t need to change anything! 


Have fun with fashion! 



Luna and Jasmin