10 hilarious pranks for April Fools

10 hilarious pranks for April Fools

Vitoria Thomas, CSN Correspondent

April Fool’s Day is the perfect opportunity to try out all those pranks you’ve been dying to pull on your friends, family, and coworkers. I’ve compiled a list of some fun, harmless ways you can mess with them, just don’t blame me if they try to get you back. Get ready for pranks that will end in laughter. 




                                                                                           1.Fake SnakeImage result for fake snake


 All you need is a rubber snake and some fishing line. Tie the fishing line around the snake and then attach the other end of the line to the inside of a cupboard or anything that opens and closes. Set it up so that when they open the door/cupboard the snake will jump out. Or simply set it up to drag across the lounge floor while everyone is watching TV!


                                                                                       2. Frozen Cereal Image result for frozen cereal prank


Fill a bowl with your victim’s favorite cereal and milk, then slip it into the freezer overnight. Serve them breakfast in bed on April Fools’ morning, and watch as they try to pick up the spoon and scoop up a spoonful of cereal. For extra hilarity, half-submerged a spoon in the milk before freezing the whole bowl. They’ll pull and pull and pull at the spoon before finally figuring out what’s going on.


3. Non-lathering soap

Image result for april fool prank non lathering soap

Add a thin layer of clear nail polish to a bar of soap and you’ve instantly made it useless. The polish has water-proofed the soap, so they can scrub and scrub with the soap all they want but it’ll never lather up. Hopefully, they’ll give up before scrubbing themselves raw. If they’re the stubborn sort, you might want to give them a time limit before knocking on the bathroom door and shouting, April Fools!


  4. Push, don’t pull

Image result for push don't pull signs

Find a door that can only be opened by pulling it, then add an official-looking sign that says push and stick it over the original. Hide behind anything that is likely to hide most of you. Then wait for your victim to come. Once you see them struggle to open the door, come out and shout April Fools!


5.   Swap the sugar and the salt

Image result for sugar and salt jars picture

If your parents drink their coffee or tea with a touch of sugar, replace the sweetener in their sugar bowl with salt for a not-so-sweet surprise. (Note: Don’t forget to replace it before you need a little sugar for your oatmeal!).


6.   Create your own (fake) cracked screen

Image result for fake cracked screen

If you have your own smartphone or tablet, you can really get your parents fooled by pretending your screen has been cracked. Download images or even find online apps that will make your screen look like it’s shattered. Your parents will totally be relieved when you scream April Fools!


7. Seal off their Shampoo

Image result for seal of shampoo prank


This is a great April fool’s prank for your parents who love to use bath products. Simply unscrew the cap of a shampoo product and place a small piece of plastic wrap over the bottle. Then screw the cap back on and make sure the plastic is secured. They’ll have no idea why they can’t get their cleaning products out.


8. Power down the remotes

Image result for remote controls


Take the batteries out of every remote in the house to make it impossible to change the channel. ( switch the TV to your favorite channel before you shut it down.) Now they will have no choice but to do something else or watch your show.



9. One blind mouse

Image result for mouse sensor prank


Take your victim’s computer mouse and put a post-it or sticker over the laser sensor. On the post-it or sticker write a note that says Gotcha! They will keep trying to move the mouse on the screen but nothing will happen. Eventually, they’ll flip the mouse over and notice its an April fools prank.


10. Delicious donut

Image result for donut filling prank


Simply buy a donut and fill it up with mayo. Make sure the donut looks like it hasn’t been touched. Wait for your victim to take a bite out of the donut. Once they took a big bite out of the donut shout out April fools. Be ready for their reactions(because mayonnaise and donuts don’t seem that good of a combination).

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