Mi Vida: Venezuela

Luis Ortega, CSN Correspondent

My name is Luis Ignacio Ortega Sandoval and I’m from Valencia, Venezuela. I lived in Venezuela for six years before I came here. When I came here I was six years old. Venezuela is different from other country’s because it used to be rich with oil and now it is one of the poorest countries in the world. How did that happen? Well, It was all because of one man. Hugo Chaves. Chaves was a bad man and did a lot of bad things to Venezuela. I will to tell you a lot about my country and my life there.

Venezuela has a lot of  beautiful things, like we have the tallest water fall in the world called Angel Falls. It is 3,212 feet tall and it’s really beautiful. Some people might be wondering “Why did he write about this?” I wrote about this because I care about my country and how it has become super dangerous. The last time I went to Venezuela was at least a year ago during Christmas. I normally go there in the summer for like a month and then I come back to Miami. When I first came here, I was pretty scared because I did not know how to speak English that much. It was also scary because I didn’t know anyone except for my family.

When I was in Venezuela I went to an American Colegio International De Carabobo which stands for CIC. CIC is a school in Venezuela. At CIC they did not let me speak Spanish. In Venezuela we have a lot of good foods like Tequeños, Arepas, Pabellons, and Empanadas. Tequeños are a stick of bread with white cheese. Arepas are like sandwiches but instead of bread it is made of corn and you can put anything in it. Pabellon is shredded meat with, white rice, black beans, and plantains. Empanadas are also made of corn like arepas. Empandas you can put anything meat, cheeses, chicken all those foods. Another thing that is beautiful about Venezuela is a place called Los Rockes. Los Rockes is a very beautiful place because of the water there, Its so clear is like glass. I wish I have gone there but I haven’t.

In conclusion, talking about Venezuela was fun and I hope I can talk about it again. Venezuela is my home and I miss it. Today, my country is very dangerous and has fallen on tough times. But, I hope it will get better and once again become a place where you can live a life of peace and freedom from fear.