Favorite Cozy Spot at Home!!!!


Cayden Kukreja, CSN Correspondent

Wolf Faux-Fur Bean Bag Chair | Pottery Barn TeenWhen you have had a long day at school you probably want to go home and relax in your cozy spot. What is your cozy spot? It could be a couch, bed, beanbag, desk, etc. Personally, mine is my beanbag because I could just be chilling – sitting on my phone watching Netflix. Honestly, I’d rather sleep on my beanbag than on my bed. In fact, if I am watching TV on the big screen (in my house) I bring my beanbag.

I also have a recliner chair that I love.  I can’t even count how many times I have fallen asleep on that thing.  All I do is press a button and it goes from a chair to a bed. I can put a blanket over it and it is officially fluffy.

So, here’s my question…What about you all? What’s YOUR cozy spot at home?

Send me your favorite chilling spot at [email protected]




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