The Secret Behind Social Media


Sydney Rodriguez, CSN Correspondent

I am pretty sure that you guys might know a little bit about social media. There is Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, etc. I would say that the apps shown here are probably among of the most popular social media apps. Instagram is where you just post photos and videos. It is pretty similar to Facebook. Snapchat is where you take pictures and videos with all kinds of filters. You post these photos and videos up on your account. TikTok is where you post videos under 15 seconds. You dance, lip sync, sing, and a lot more. All these apps are part of sharing personal things with the public. Or, you can be private for safety. For a lot of people, these apps can be very fun and most people enjoy using them. But, did you know that there is a secret behind these apps that a lot of people have dealt with?

The secret is that a lot people that use these apps put a face to their account. What I mean is that, in their pictures and videos, they try to fake their happiness. They want to show their followers that they are happy and living the best life even though they might be having a rough time. I think it is sad that people think that they will be happy if others think they are perfect. Honestly I think that is not a healthy way to make yourself happy. Instead, go out there, hang out with the people you love, and do the things that you enjoy. Doing this you will have a real smile instead of a fake one!

Social media is proven to have a negative effect on people. Social media can make many users feel insecure about how they look, because social media sometimes puts out an image of what a “beautiful person” is. They make you think that you have to be a certain size or have a certain hair color, eye color, etc. When social media does this it makes some have insecurities. But, the truth is, you’re beautiful just the way you are and social media does not determine that.

Another thing that social media does is make you compare your lives with others. You may see that someone posts a picture of them doing something super awesome like they are on vacation, skydiving, etc. Well for most people, when they see a post like that they start judging themselves. They think of ways to make their lives better than the other person or they think bad about themselves. Honestly it does not matter. You shouldn’t be getting trapped in the thought of trying to compare your life with someone else’s. There are going to be times in life when you are having so much fun but then their are times when you won’t be having a lot of fun. But, that is what life is about. You have your ups and down and others have that too. Also, the truth is making a comparison of your life with someone else is very unhealthy.

What can happen is that you start getting jealous and then you want to bring them down. Just because you are jealous about someone else does not mean you should start hurting their feelings. Instead you should leave that person alone and start bringing yourself up. You should focus on how you can build yourself into the better person that you want to become in the future instead of trying to make someone feel bad about themselves. Don’t you think that will make you happier? Your energy should be placed on what you are capable of and how you can improve yourself.

As shown above, you can tell that social media is filled with a lot of negativity. Sadly, it can bring a lot of people down and it can lead to depression and anxiety. Also don’t fake your happiness on social media. Instead, do the things you love and when you need help, talk to a friend, family member, teacher, or anyone that you feel comfortable and safe talking to. Also, not everything you see on social media is real! This is exactly what I was talking about in the beginning of this article. People fake things on social media and put a face to their account.

Besides all that, what do you think? Do you think social media is good or bad? Comment down below and let me know! I think it is both good and bad because a lot of people think social media is a fun way to post pictures and videos. But, it can also be negative and dangerous. That’s why you need to stay safe when you use social media.

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