A Note for Hugs


Jasmin R., News Reporter

Uggghhh! You’re so annoying! Leave me alone! I hate you! 


There once was a girl who had a huge fight with her sister. In her eyes, her sister was being mean to her. In her sister’s eyes, she did nothing wrong… So who was at fault? 

Here’s a little secret I’m about to tell you…

Both sisters were!  


What? Why? Well, when you’re fighting with someone, one person can be more at fault than the other, but ultimately, both people contribute to the fight. Even if one sister didn’t do anything wrong in terms of causing the fight, she allowed it to continue, in fact making it worse, when she could have just let her sister be in a “mood” for a little while and let it go. Maybe a simple little “Ok. I know you’re upset right now. Let’s talk things over later?” would have changed both sisters’ situation. 

How can you expect people to be that patient, though? I mean, come on! The average person will just yell back in response to an angry comment or something “in the moment”. But the thing is, you shouldn’t aim to just be “average”. You should aim to be the person you know you can be. The special, kind, caring, and patient person you are isn’t “average”. 

When you’re feeling sad, mad, angry, or you know, just any regular human emotion, it’s okay to feel that little bubble bursting inside of you. It’s okay not to be in the mood to talk. Actually, it’s normal. You just have to know how to control it, because with it, you have the power to make or break a fight. 

When you feel like you’re about to make a fight, just say something like “I’m sorry. I’m not feeling too well. Would you mind if we talked a little bit later?”. That way, there are no hard feelings for anybody, and a problem is avoided. 

However, keep in mind that you might not only be the one who’s feeling down at times. Any family member or friend will also have a bad day once in a while. The only solution to that is giving them the respect that you would expect if you were feeling the same way. Hopefully, they’ll respond in the way you would hope; a calm manner.

I now know what to do to avoid a fight, but what if something just bursts out? What if I can’t control myself? Then, it’s simple! Just apologize. But don’t say a meaningless “Sooorryy!” say an “I’m really sorry, that wasn’t what I meant.” and you’ll find that your situation might just flip around. 

Now, the last thing that’s important is to be kind. Always be kind. Unfailing courtesy. If you follow that rule, no matter what sticky mess you got yourself in, you’ll be able to get out of it. If you remember this rule throughout life, you’ll be an awesome, well-rounded person. 

So, in the end, what did the sisters say to each other? 


“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have reacted that way. I’ll remember for next time.” 

“I’m sorry, too. I didn’t help by not supporting you on a bad day.”


And, finally, the two sisters lived happily ever after.


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