How to Find COVID-19.

Greetings Cushman! We heard about COVID-19 or Coronavirus a lot in the past few months. But how can you know if it is in your city, town, or village? Let’s find out!

If you are afraid that the Coronavirus is in your town, but not sure about it, you can go to the There, you can view 5 things.

  1. Where were cases of COVID-19 were since its beginning.
  2. In what parts of the world do cases exist.
  3. How many people were infected with Coronavirus.
  4. How many people recovered.
  5. How many people died.

Also, the site shows it live. You can see breaking news. Use the map! Know where is the virus and take what you need to do!

And now, let’s see some stats. On this day (3/9/2020) Thre are 113,579 cases! That’s a lot! But the good news-around 55% already recovered! The biggest number of existing cases (TOP 3) are in China (18,247), Italy (7985), and South Korea (7307). Also, scientists think that banknotes can help the coronavirus spread.

Bye cougars!