Our New Zoom Lifestyle: Pros and Cons


Danny Buckwell, Jr. Editor in Chief

We all now know what’s happening in the world considering it has changed everyone’s daily schedule. Cushman, in specific, uses Zoom for online classes instead of going to normal school.  This is because of COVID-19, which has made us all quarantine. There are a lot of reasons why people think that the quarantine is good and bad.
Anyway, that’s why I will be telling you about the pros and cons of our new daily schedule.

I am going to start with all of the pros about our new schedule. The first pro I will talk about is getting to sleep in. I used to have to wake up at 6:00 A.M. to get to school and now I can wake up at 8:15 A.M. I think that sleep is probably the best part about online school. The next pro is having shorter school. Not only do you get to sleep in, but school also ends at 11:55 A.M. The last pro I will put is getting to binge on Netflix, or getting to play video games. Maybe a lot of you don’t like to do this, but I know that a lot of you also do.

This next thing  I am going to talk about is something that is both a pro and a con. This thing is getting to use Zoom. Zoom is what we have been using for online school. It can be a pro because it has a whiteboard, you can share your screen, you can do reactions, and so much more. It is very useful and because Cushman doesn’t want us online for too long, it ends at 11:55 P.M. Zoom can also be a con because it can glitch and since it is online, it could give you a headache. Although to you that might make it seem as more of a con, but since it is online, school days are shorter and since we’re at home we don’t have to leave early to drive to school since it is in our house.

There are also a lot of cons which I will talk about next. The most popular con is not being able to see your friends. That is what everyone has been saying since we have been quarantined. There is also another con that everyone knows about and was the cause of this new lifestyle, COVID-19. If you were thinking about your new lifestyle, you probably wouldn’t even realize that there is this disease. You would probably just be thinking about your friends and your school going away. This is the worst con because at any moment you could get this disease. Though it is a terrible con, it isn’t something you should worry about too much because we are kids. The likelihood of us getting it and dying from it is extremely low.

Some other cons are being quarantined, not being able to leave your house, not being able to go to your favorite restaurants, not being able to travel, and a very important one, jobs. Since people can’t go out to work, they can’t get money, meaning that they can’t buy grocerys or even pay for rent. This has also been a problem for children because they are losing money for college funds. The stock market has also been falling since the beginning of March. COVID-19 has not only been a problem in getting people sick, but also the economy.

COVID-19 is a problem that will be fixed. We all miss our friends and although we wish to see them soon, it may be a while until we get to see them again. Until then, everyone should get used to this new lifestyle that is full of pros and cons. You may not have agreed with all of the pros and cons I said, but maybe you did. Either way that is a choice for you to decide. Maybe some of you like the quarantine and maybe some of you don’t. Whether you like the quarantine or not, you should remember to stay home, stay safe, and always social distance.


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