8th Grade Commencement: What will happen?


Alexis Adler, Author

During rough times because of the Covid-19, many in The Cushman School community may be wondering about plans concerning Eighth Grade Commencement. Mrs. Geimer, the director of the Upper School, and Lord Toussaint, the study body president, have been discussing it. Mrs. Geimer provided several details.

“8th Grade Commencement is scheduled for Thursday, June 4, 2020, beginning at 8:30. We have kept true to the original ceremony as much as possible given that we had to make adjustments as the ceremony will be via Zoom this year due to the CDC restrictions in response to Covid-19.”

Mrs. Geimer added that, although times are tough, it’s important to remain positive. “I will admit that I have good days and difficult days! I am blessed to have a home, electricity, a means to cook healthy meals and my family are all well, but being socially distant isn’t easy. I miss have a separation between my work space and my home space. Being away from campus, not being able to talk and visit with my students, faculty and parents has been disheartening as that is the best part of my job. Although this transition hasn’t been easy at all, I have been proud of how well our school community made the leap.”

Mrs. Geimer also praised the faculty and Cushman community, adding, “The faculty has surpassed expectations and I think as a community, we are nailing distance learning the best we can. Perhaps even excelling at it! We will be inviting the entire middle school community to attend our 8th Grade Commencement Ceremony. I am disappointed that we are forced to conduct our ceremony via Zoom. This pandemic has been heartbreaking to all of us as this class has lost out on their Costa Rican Adventure, Islands of Adventure class trip, our Spring Formal dance, our Awards of Distinction celebrating their accomplishments and now the actual live Commencement Ceremony. Yet, we should also be thankful that we are a school with the means and resources to still come together.”

Mrs. Geimer, as well as the rest of the Cushman community, have done a great job. Clearly, everyone hopes that we will be on campus in August. And, as for the 8th grade class of 2020, CONGRATULATONS! We’re proud of you, we’ll miss you and you will always be a part of us.

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