Creativity During Corona! 11 New Things To Do During Quarantine!


Luna Molla, Reporter

Hey Cougars! In the past month, it seemed like the world was picked up, shaken around, and set back upside down. Now, we’re all settling into the new norm: quarantine and social distancing. Personally, I always find myself after finishing school and homework, just plain bored and tending to go on my electronics a lot and spend empty hours scrolling through my apps when instead I could be doing something fun and productive. But then I get lazy and go back to my phone. But I’ve decided to learn some new, fun things, and I hope you guys join me! Here’s a list of fun, new things you can do while quarantined at home!

  1. Start a new book (highly recommended by yours truly)
  2. Recreate funny baby pictures (you’re gonna laugh a lot, that’s for sure!)
  3. Clean your room (while you’re doing it, it sucks, but after you’ll enjoy being in your room so much more! Put on your favorite playlist and get to it!)
  4. Take pictures (pictures of nature, of you, of your family or pets; the sky’s the limit! In fact, you can send these pictures to Mr. Perez or Luis Ortega for them to be showcased on the Chronicle!!)
  5. Bake something different (maybe instead of the banana bread you’ve been making, try a chocolate cake or funfetti cupcakes!)
  6. Paint a different picture
  7. Sew masks for nurses and hospital personnel (please! This gives you service hours, and could save the lives of sooo many people! Just email Ms. Ley Sepe at [email protected] for a template and instructions)
  8. Do something nice for a family member (maybe you and your sister or brother argued about something. Bake their favorite dessert to apologize!)
  9. Mother’s Day’s coming up! Make a nice, creative card for your mom and show her how much you love her!)
  10. Clean out your closet and donate your clothes (I did it last week, and I got rid of so many old clothes and helped families!)
  11.  Lastly, maybe log onto Duolingo or a website that teaches language and start learning a new language!! It’s a skill that you’re going to appreciate for the rest of your life!

I hope you guys try something new! Stay safe and wash your hands!! Bye Cougars!!

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