Actions Speak Louder Than Coaches

Sports: you don’t need to give them up!

Actions Speak Louder Than Coaches

Jasmin R., Author

Sports have always been a big part of people’s lives. From games to recitals, and everything in between, athletic pursuits have played a role in kids’ and adults’ lives (pretty much) since the inception of mankind. Now, it’s not one bit different. 

Yes, the place where we do sports and who we do it with may have changed. However, our love for it is still the same.

Whether you’re watching an old basketball game with your family or actually doing sports from the comfort of your home, there’s always a way to practice and get better at what you love. Especially now. 

For me, that meant literally upgrading my living room into a full-fledged, ballet barre included, dance studio! I have the fantastic opportunity to take virtual ballet classes, and I certainly feel lucky and blessed to be able to continue to train alongside my fellow classmates and teachers! It’s helping me get adjusted to the current situation and has allowed me to continue doing what I need and love, in a different, yet awesome way.

What you do really doesn’t have to be anything big or overboard, either. Stretching for five minutes in the morning or doing a couple of push-ups a day can make all the difference for you and your lifestyle. It can help you stay focused, happy, and in some cases (like mine) can help you adjust to our temporary norm. 

It might not be the solution to all of your problems at the moment, but reserving a little time in your day to get sweaty (though it doesn’t sound too appealing) can suck all of those lingering emotions right out of you. 

Plus, you get to incorporate your sports time with your family time! Try a fitness game at home. If you have enough space or have some kind of outdoor area that’s big enough for you to run around in, go ahead and play a game of football, soccer, or any sport for that matter, with your parents or siblings. Don’t have much space? No problem! See who can do the most sit-ups or balance on one leg the longest in one spot. 

Sports is a true boredom buster, and better yet, it’s a way to love, a way to laugh, and a way to live! Have fun (in) there, and remember, actions speak louder than coaches! 

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