A Guide to Bullet Journaling


In recent years you might have heard of bullet journals or bujos. They have definitely become more popular lately and they are a great way to stay organized. I have been exploring with bullet journaling for the past few months. I love that it can be such a creative outlet. I also like that I can do everything at my own pace. You shouldn’t see bullet journaling as an assignment, you should see it as something fun to do.

First let’s go over great materials to use when you are starting. I like to use dotted bullet journals but lined bullet journals are just as good. You can get these types of journals anywhere but there are some great companies to get them from. Any type of pen, pencil, or marker you want to write with is okay. It’s your bullet journal. I however, like to use many different types of pens because I love calligraphy and stationery. Some of my favorite pens are Frixon erasable pens, Tombow dual brush pens, and Papermate Flair pens. I would also suggest getting different washi tapes. They add a lot of nice touches to your bullet journal spreads.

Next up, how do you start your bullet journal? Every bullet journal should start with an index and a key. You can put your index in the front or back of your bullet journal. Every time you add a new page to your journal you should add that to your index. I like putting the page number and the title so I know exactly where to find the page. A key is also very important. In your key you should have little signs that make organizing your journal even easier. I like to have a bullet point in my key and that signals a note. I also like to make sure whenever I finish anything or don’t need to do it anymore I like to write a line thorugh it. I also usually write a little box in front of an event I have to go to. It all depends on what you like to do.

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