Who will Win the “Vaccine Race?”

The Stages of Research



The Coronavirus is “terrorizing” The population. Who will be able to stop “the genocide?”

The COVID-19 pandemics taking a heavy toll on everybody in this world. Thousands of people are getting sick every week. The quarantine alone will not be able to stop the virus. The longer it lasts, the worse for the economy (and people’s nerves) it is. But, if we will end the quarantine, the virus may “strike again” even harder. “We can’t end the quarantine and we can’t let it continue,” said Dmitri Tulchinsky.

The best way to end this pandemic (and quarantine) is to create a vaccine. Right now, there is a lot of competition. Whoever creates the vaccine will have the least economic damage (their country), will have the profit, and will have the respect of the people.COVID-19 Update: Special Events in Austin-Travis County | AustinTexas.gov

So, who is the closest to achieving the vaccine? Most of the companies are still on the “preclinical” stage of research (collecting iterative and safety data). But some companies have already passed this stage of research and heading farther into the development of vaccines. Two of them are BioNTech and Pfizer, who have united to achieve this goal, already started the I/III (1, 1/2) stage. That means, that they have started testing the drug on healthy people to check if it is safe to use on people. Their goal is to create an RNA vaccine. RNA vaccines can be created faster, be safer, and ( maybe) cheaper). Find out more on https://www.breakthroughs.com/health-tomorrow/what-makes-rna-vaccine-different-conventional-vaccine. Another such example is CytoDyn. They have already launched phase 2 (II/III). In this phase, the drug is used on patients to identify side effects and efficacy. Their goal is to create a treatment for the COVID-19. This might make more sense for people who have already got the virus, but it cannot prevent getting sick. But they are not the only ones that have passed 0 stages. They are: Gilead Sciences-who have entered the Emergency Ase Authorization, and Inovio Pharmaceuticals-who is on stage 1. The EUA can be issued by the Food and Drug Administration when the USA is faced with a pandemic to allow the use of drugs that have not been approved by the FDA.

So, who is the closest to the vaccine? Who will be the champion? You have your own opinion, I have mine. But there is a good chance that CytoDyn will be the champion. There already thousands of people sick, and there are even more to come, and treatment, might help resolve the crisis. But, BioNTech and Pfizer, who are in partnership, might find out the solutions faster and better (since they are together) and come out as winners. Plus, the vaccine can help people who are not sick yet, to stay healthy. This might help better since the death rate of Coronavirus is 2-3%.

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