Why Does Racism Still Exist?

Why Does Racism Still Exist?

Danny Buckwell, Chief Editor

One of the worst problems of our national community is racism. It happens every day maybe even without us knowing. Maybe it is just small details like not opening a door for someone just because of the color of their skin. Even if this is the case, why do we have to act this way? In the end, we are all the same, so why, just why, do people have to be victims of violence because of this? Why don’t people realize, after centuries of struggling with this topic, that we are still humans and we shouldn’t have to deal with problems like this?

From Abraham Lincoln to Martin Luther King Jr., things have changed, but there is still racism. It exists because people are taught that if you’re not white, then you are not perfect. It is completely wrong though because no matter the color of your skin, no one is perfect. Everyone thinks different, is different, and there is no “perfect.” Since everyone has their own opinion, it causes arguments, wars, and even racism. Maybe every person will realize that no one is perfect, but that day may never come.

Racism in America started when it was being established. There were slaves owned even by the president of the country. It was sad and hard for African-Americans because no matter what, they were looked at as objects. Eventually there was a Civil War that Abraham Lincoln helped end. When it ended, slaves didn’t exist anymore. Did that mean everyone was happy and did that mean the racism ended? The answer is no. It continued and continued to hurt people every single day.

Eventually, people had enough of the racism and being treated unfairly. There was segregation, death, and much more cruelty. There were racist groups such as the KKK that would use violence against people that didn’t look as “perfect” as them. Policemen would be racist too. But it was even more unfair because it was very easy to get away with violence and discrimination if you were white. Rosa Parks, MLK, Roy Wilkins, Malcom X (Who used violence to protest during this time, which I think wasn’t right even though he was doing it for the right reasons), etc. helped to change racism. Once the Civil Rights Movement ended and segregation ended, did racism end? Again, the answer is no. Although it got so much better than how it was, it still existed.

Today it still exists because these people, the people that believed in racism all the way back to the 1800s taught the youth. Do you think if you know Spanish when you’re young and you try to learn English when you’re older that it is easier? When you learn something at a young age, you listen and you believe it. That’s how racism has continued for years, that’s how so many lives have got destroyed day after day, and that’s why we need to end it.

Recently, more racism has happened and although more people have realized that everyone is equal, there are still some that haven’t. Even some people that you think are good people have their own opinions, meaning that they may believe that white people are superior to others. It doesn’t change what you may enjoy about them, but it isn’t right. These people can even be policemen. Policemen of course have their own opinions even though they are supposed to be the heros of our planet. In many cases where policemen were racist, I would highly disagree that they were helping people.

Rodney King was a construction worker and convicted criminal. He was a black man on parole for armed robbery, but drove drunk down a Los Angeles freeway and resisted arrest. Because of this, the Los Angeles Police Department beat him up in 1991. After he suffered from this terrible incident he became a writer and activist. Yes, he committed a crime, but he didn’t have to get beaten up, the police could’ve just arrested him, but instead they decided to beat him up and it was caught on camera.

More recently, George Floyd was allegedly forging a check and resisted arrest. Just because of that, a police officer placed and harshly pressed his knee on his neck stopping him from breathing. If that was a white man it would not have happened. If he was a white man, he may not have even been arrested. George Floyd died from this incident. Unlike Rodney King who was still badly injured, this police officer killed a man for being black. This was all caught on camera and has started protests everywhere.

I myself do not have to go through these experiences because I am not black and I am not discriminated against, but so many people do. It isn’t fair that just because your backround is different people may not want to talk to you, people may not want to be friends with you, and people may not even want to drink from the same water fountain as you. It shouldn’t matter whether you’re Jewish or Catholic, whether you’re black or white, or whether you’re a man or a woman. It shouldn’t matter based upon you’re backround, but it should only matter about you. It’s sad that this is the way it is and I myself will not ever experience this cruelty, but I will always be against it.

From the words of MLK “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” Why can’t this happen? Why do people have to get hurt everyday from this? Why can’t we be equal? I can tell you, it’s because everyone, even if they don’t think so, everyone is different. This makes everyone equal, but it also makes the world a better place.

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