Kramer’s Class Brings Poetry to End of Year


What better way to end the school year that with an expression creativity that brings art and language together! And that’s just what some of Ms. Kramers students have been doing. Here’s a sample of some of their wonderful poetry. Enjoy 🙂


From Maia Marcoschamer

The first day of school it’s all

New New New

New people and places

And classes too

Stomp stomp stomp


What’s that noise


Don’t be scared

Don’t you cry

It’s just the chatter of your classmates’ shoes


Take a deep breath

And count to three

Then you will see

School is not that scary

On the contrary,

It’s quite merry


From Alexis Carroll

Why you should not mess with paranormal activity


Blood and gore and many more,

Ghosts and devils live in lore.

Witchcraft and Wicca still modern and alive

Magic still practiced and dangerous it is.

Paranormal activity like the devil within.


A sound from the woods sends fear down your spine

Or maybe footsteps down the hallway

Ghosts could be anywhere or in anything

Perform a séance with some friends to get rid of them

Or maybe a ritual to get your revenge.


From Juliana Matlick

Advice on Hatred


There are so many human emotions

One of the strongest can be hate

It can become a monster in your mind

It can cause your actions to not make sense

And violence may become its fate.


It’s best to stay away from circling thoughts of hate

They can rage like wildfires out of control

And can turn into crashing waves of violence

Better to look for peaceful ways to put these fires out

To calm the hatred and violence is better for your soul.


From Gabriela Lopez-Grimalt

All we wanted to do from the start was learn,

From how clouds are made to where oceans came from.

Because we had to start somewhere right?

Or maybe there was never a beginning

Maybe it keeps going and going and it never stops


We take reality and put it under a spyglass in hopes of finding answers

Sometimes we find them, Sometimes we don’t.

We like to see how something works and functions

Sometimes being blinded by curiosity

even if it might treat you like a friend of an enemy

with not caring what dangers might lie ahead


Because then what would the universe have us do,

We like to learn and study and understand and acknowledge.

So remember, whether you are standing up proud or tumbling down

Never give up cause after all,

It’s human nature to be curious.


From Patricio Perezalonso

“It doesn’t matter that you’re remembered after death. It matters how you spent your life and how you spent your years on this earth” – to make people live more and worry less


In the last colony that lives

Lies a creature that’s half machine and half human

Its body is a cobweb of cables filled with nurintents and sugars

Everyday it asks to the uncaring and dying universe

“I hold the memory of all of the old world give me a student, so I can teach to bear ever memory of past world”


And Every Time it answered with Starlessness and silence

It held every memory of everyone so all their efforts wouldn’t be in vain

Everyday he hopes for something to change that can ease Its pain

Wearing a crown of sharp cables that hurt like thorns

But the true sacrifice is to take all of the cables off


One day It heard

“Will every Painting will be less beautiful if there’s no one to see it

Will every kiss will be less enjoyable if no one to remember it

Will every evil dead be less despicable if no one around to feel it consequence’

On that they It chose to rest and there was just starless skies and silence


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