Incredible Places to Visit During COVID


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Have you been stuck inside your home all summer, waiting for this nightmare to end. Well, you don’t have to worry anymore.  Here are some of places you can go visit to get away. These places are pretty perfect for escape from COVID. With few to no deaths/cases at all. They have tons of things to do for adults, kids, and families.   


The Gobi Desert

Have you ever wanted to travel through the incredible Gobi Desert in Mongolia? Exploring the flaming cliffs, climbing the sand dunes, and maybe even riding a camel. Or go horseback riding through the Gobi Gurvansaikhan National Park. If you want an alternative to the sand, this is it. You might be thinking you won’t be able to do this anytime soon because of COVID 19, but in Mongolia the COVID 19 issue has been treated well with only about 200 cases and no deaths at all, which makes it a great place to visit and not have to worry as much about COVID 19.

And, if you decide to visit the Gobi desert you simply must visit the Khongor Sand Dunes. Some of Mongolia’s tallest sand dunes. If you love photography I recommend climbing to the top in which if you do you will receive a breathtaking view of the Gobi desert. Many say if you reach the peak of the sand dunes when the sand is dry you will hear a noise similar to an aircraft which they say is the sand singing.

Another thing you can’t miss if you go to the Gobi desert is the beautiful night sky. If you’ve ever been stargazing you would now its an astonishing view but you will never imagine how beautiful the stars are when you stargaze in the Gobi desert. A magnificent view with countless stars and a beautiful blue night sky. Stargazing in the Gobi desert is by far the most beautiful sight you can see. Finally, let’s not forget the awe-inspiring sunset and sunrise in the Gobi Desert. Seeing the sunrise and sunset in the sand dunes is an amazing one of a kind experience you’ll only receive in the Gobi Desert. When the sun comes up or goes down you will see all kinds of colors in the sky and will be awe-struck.

So if you want some kind of adventure or feel the need to explore the great outdoors, the Gobi Desert is a great place to choose. From its inspiring mountains in the Gobi Gurban Saikhan to the breathtaking Flaming Cliffs also known as the  Bayanzang, I promise you will not be disappointed.


Vail, Colorado

Have you ever wanted to go to a beautiful place that is the perfect place to have fun and do a lot of different activities? Have you been stuck inside your house because of COVID? Well, you are reading the right article! In Vail, Colorado You could ski in the mountains, fish in rivers and lakes, and go rafting and tubing, which is a lot of fun. I love to camp when I go there because the lakes look beautiful with the mountains around them.

Since there is not much COVID in Colorado, it is a good place to stay, the schools are open now and public places are opened again.   It is also a good place to visit. Vail has really good food, from pizza, and burgers to lobster and caviar, everything is delicious. In the winter, it gets really cold and it snows a lot. In the spring and summer, it gets pretty hot.


Boston, Massachusetts

Have you ever wanted to visit a place that has a full history like, for example, Boston Massachusetts has a history about The Boston Tea Party? Boston has a lot of fun places to visit like there’s a zoo, a museum, and a bunch of other places to visit.  Boston has a lot of places to eat and there’s a lot of buildings to live in that are nice.

Boston has the best children’s hospital in the U.S, they have the best doctors and a lot of fun movies/shows on the tv when you get a room. You can visit a zoo where they have sea animals and some animals that live on land, you could also visit a museum that’s about The Boston Tea Party like what happened, what caused it to happen, and what did they do. There’s a place that you can go which is where all you see the boats and fishing crew. It has a lot of boats and the view is amazing when you get to see half of the city.


Charleston, North Carolina

Well, it’s summer once again! This time during summer we are facing a global pandemic but yet still, people are traveling all around the world! North Carolina has tons of places to go and since it’s pretty close to where we live it very convenient for road trips. In specific, Charleston, this itty bitty town has tons of fun activities for kids and adults. For kids, you can go take a walk through the city market, go see Fort Sumter where the first shot of the Civil War was taken, or hang back and play at Folly Beach. For adults, you can do the Downtown Charleston Culinary Walking Food Tour, take a carriage ride to go sightseeing or do the Lost Stories of Black Charleston, Charleston Walking Tour.  For families, you can go on the Pirates of Charleston Walking Tour or do a haunted walking tour. Charleston has tons of fun places to visit. And the nightlife is truly amazing. If you ever find yourself in Charleston I would recommend doing some of the stuff I picked out. I have been too small towns like Charleston and sometimes the smallest town have more things to do than the biggest cities. You won’t be disappointed in Charleston, just remember to enjoy it to the fullest


In conclusion, all these places are awesome. Of course, it would be more entertaining without COVID but these places have very few cases so you can do many things there. You should still always bring a mask and any other necessities to keep you and everyone around you safe. But luckily all these places are safer and the COVID cases are much lower and under control. We hand-selected every activity so you can enjoy this summer to the fullest.   

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