Why 2020 is the Worst Year

Why 2020 is the Worst Year

Danny Buckwell, Manuel Guala, Luis Ortega, Alfonso Diaz, and Yara Bahhur

At the beginning of the year, Kobe Bryant died. Next, schools closed all because of a virus. Soon enough, a man was killed by a police officer and there were protests everywhere. 2020 kept getting worse and it isn’t even finished yet.

During the beginning of 2020, Kobe Bryant died. Kobe Bryant was a basketball player. He played for the Los Angeles Lakers and even scored 60 points in a game. He inspired a lot of people and was one of the best basketball players in history. He died in an accident on a helicopter on January 24, 2020, while going to his daughter’s basketball game, who was with him and passed away too.

Black Lives Matter is a movement, which was created to get justice and equality for dark skinned people. Dark skinned people get killed everyday for being put in custody because of the color of their skin. Some examples of those people are George Floyd, Elijah Mcclain, and Tamir Rice. Gorge Floyd was killed by police when they tackled him, put him in custody, and put their knee on his neck for 8 minutes. Gorge Floyd died due to suffocation. Elijah Mcclain was killed by the police putting him in a choke hold and injecting him with ketamine. Elijah Mcclain died due to these drugs. Tamir Rice was killed by the police shooting him in his torso. Tamir Rice died due the gun shot getting through his major blood vessels, his intestines, and his pelvis.  

Protests and riots were created to bring justice to these men and women who died from racism. Some of the riots were really dangerous because some policemen threw tear gas bombs and some protestors were stealing from shops. Although that may sound like the protestors aren’t good people, many of the people stealing from shops were white and trying to frame it on the Black Lives Matter movement. A lot of people were scared to go out because there were thousands of people protesting some with weapons and some with not. The army was everywhere and it wasn’t very safe in many places.

Around the end of the year 2019, a virus started called COVID-19. It started in Wuhan, China where there were bats sold in a market. Many people started getting infected from this virus, which caused people to wear masks and maybe even gloves in public. Even though some people were using these items to protect themselves, many weren’t, which caused everything to start shutting down. From shops, to schools, to sports, to flights, and way more. Celebrities all over the world even got it. Eventually, during the summer of 2020 things started to slowly open up again and more people got infected. Now, even children are doing distance/remote school learning. There was a time where dinosaurs went extinct because of a meteor, and for us, it is a related scenario. But this will not be the end of the human race because this is the start of a new era and the human race will not perish. 

Later in the year, movie star Chadwick Boseman passed away. Chadwick died from stage 3 colon cancer. He was Jackie Robinson in the movie 42 and even managed to be one of the biggest roles in the Marvel universe as “Black Panther.” He supported many lives that had colon cancer, while having it himself. He hid the fact that he was sick and continued doing what he loved. 

This year has been bad for everyone. COVID-19 came and infected many, everything shut down, Kobe Bryant and Chadwick Boseman died, and Black Lives Matter protests were everywhere. Although these are all bad things, we can learn from what we have done wrong in the year and change how we live. People can start wearing masks and wash their hands more, policemen can stop being violent to people in custody just because they are black, and we can try to move on from this year and live the next. Next year will be a new hope and we shall prevail and rise up like a dove into the sky.

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