Is Tiktok getting banned?

Luis Ortega, Author

TikTok is a really popular app. And, I am going to tell you a little about it and if it’s getting banned.

Tiktok was first launched in September 2016 and ever since, many of its users have made millions of dollars. For example, there is Charli D’amelio.

It’s been said that she earns about 25,000 dollars per Tiktok and per year she gets 4 million dollars after Addison Rae which right now makes her the most payed Tiktoker with 5 million dollars per year.

But now, just as TikTok gets more popular than ever, we’re hearing more and more about how TikTok is going to be banned. Is it true? Now lets talk a little about how Tiktok is getting banned or isn’t getting banned.

In the year 2020 Donald Trump announced that he wanted to banned Tiktok. There has been a lot of information that says it’s getting banned and also information that says that it’s not. So, when would that happen? They have switched the dates many times, from September 20th to November 12. As a result, people just aren’t sure if Tiktok is going to be banned. It been said that a bunch of American companies wanted to buy Tiktok, like, for example Facebook wanted to buy it. But, people aren’t sure that’s maybe a rumor. Also, there is Microsoft and Walmart. They wanted to buy 20% of Tiktok. There’s also a company called Oracle, but, so far, nobody knows for sure.

So, as of today, we are not sure if Tiktok is getting banned. So, always be ready.

Lets talk about why it getting banned, if it is. Some say Tiktok is actually a spy app for China.  Our top intelligence people say that they can get your information and spy on you. If that’s true, it could be a danger to American security. That’s why, after all of that happened Trump got very mad and he decided he wanted to ban Tiktok. Will he really do it. So far, nobody knows. Stay tuned.

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