Is There Life on Other Planets?

Frozen lake on Mars.

Maria Torrado, Alfonso Diaz, and Federico

At first sight, you will probably think that it is absurd to believe such things; but trust me, after you read all the facts you will probably understand that the possibility of alien lifeforms, of any type, is real.

Not so long ago, some people at NASA, found a frozen water lake directly under the north pole of the planet; now, this may not mean anything, but remember that the atmosphere of the planet dropped significantly some billions of year ago, this means that this frozen lake was at some point, possibly, not frozen, and since there was a sustainable source of water, this means that life was possible.

More and more evidence has been found that suggest this theory, no, there isn’t any sentient life forms on Mars, but there most probably used to be. But before you go, there’s something else, small plants have been discovered on the planet’s surface, this indicates that oxygen production and sustainable life forms is very much possible. So there might be life on Mars since, but all we have found are bacteria. But since there is oxygen, there might be forms similar to human form. Since it is cold in Mars ( why the lake froze) the other organisms need to be cold resistant. There might be other forms like animals we know to live on earth. So stay curious, because there is more to come!


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