Where is Mike Bloomberg’s Money Going?

Where is Mike Bloomberg's Money Going?

Danny Buckwell, Chief Editor

On Spetember 20th, Michael Bloomberg said he would spend $100 million to help Joe Biden win in the state of Florida. Florida has many electoral votes, meaning, it is a swing state. If Joe Biden wins Florida, he will get 29 electoral votes to help him win. To beat Trump he would need 270 electoral votes, but Biden said he didn’t need Florida to win. He said he had other ways to get to the 270 electoral votes without having to win Florida. If Biden says he doesn’t need Florida to win the election, why did Bloomberg donate money? Will this money help Biden win or will Trump still win Florida?

Michael Bloomberg, a former mayor of New York and a Democratic presidential candidate earlier this year, decided to help by commiting his $100 million, so that Joe Biden could be able to focus on other states while Trump is trying to get Florida. Even though Bloomberg donated $100 million, Florida is pretty even for Trump and Biden. Biden has said that he doesn’t need Florida to win, even though it is a big state. Because of this, Bloomberg gave Florida the money. Michael Bloomberg is a Democrat and no matter if he likes Biden or not, he supports him because he is completely against Trump. Bloomberg’s main focus is to take Trump out of office and let a Democrat become president. This is really the main focus for most liberals in the United States right now because it is either you really like Trump, or you really dislike Trump. Biden really wants Trump out, but he is a moderate. This means he supports both conservative and liberal ideas. I believe that if a moderate was in the office, the Democratic and Republican parties would not be so partisan.

Joe Biden is winning in Florida right now by hardly anything. The next presidential debate is in Florida and maybe he will get more supporters. Even though Bloomberg donated $100 million to help him out, Biden still needs the Latino vote to win the state. All of the Cubans will most likely vote for Trump, which is why he needs to work hard on getting their support. If he has the support from the Cubans, he will probably win Florida.

Michael Bloomberg donated $100 million to Florida to help Joe Biden win this election and beat President Trump. If Biden gets support from the Cubans, Florida will be his. Bloomberg would probably like himself to win, but he really just wants Trump to lose like the rest of the Democratic Party. Biden is winning in Florida right now, but we will just have to see how the next debate plays out.


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