If Kids Could Vote: Who Would you Vote For?

If Kids Could Vote: Who Would you Vote For?

Isabella Thomas, Author

If you could vote who would you vote for? We all know that you can only vote when you are 18 but, we all have voted in school for the presidents or maybe asked our parents to vote on our candidates. But, imagine the impact kids could have if we were all allowed to vote! If we could vote if would make us feel like adults. We would feel super independent and like our own person.Voting is Your Super Power! – Clover Press

The Democractic Party and Andrew Yang have pushed for a voting age of 16. But, truthfully, that doesn’t go far enough. The common reason why we melllinails aren’t allwed to vote is becuase most people think that we aren’t informed enough, we don’t pay taxes, we haven’t served in the military, we tend to be to liberal, or we tend to be rebellious. But the truth is we see things clearly, we don’t over think things. If we see a candidate that we thing is doing something we like or helping the economy we will vote for them. If we start voting as kids, by the time are adults we will fully understand everything the candidates do or say. Us kids could make history if we could vote.

In conculsion, there are many pros and cons to see if kids could vote. My personal opinion is that I would be over the moon if they finally decide to let kids vote. But some kids may be think differently. They may not want the responsiblity of having to be part of choosing a new mayor, governer, etc. But if we do finally get to vote I am sure every kid will most likely vote for whoever their parents are voting so it won’t actually make such a big difference. The candidates will only have a ton of votes. I such hope the the people in the Congress will one day see through the eyes of a child.

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