The Latino/Hispanic Vote

What is the Latino vote? Who do they vote for? Why does it matter? this are questions that you may want to know,  think you know, but aren’t really that sure.Report: Latino voters flexed muscle in 2018, set to be a force in 2020 | Cronkite News - Arizona PBS

Ok then, here we go. First of all, let’s be clear about what these two things mean.

Hispanic means that you have at least one parent that comes from a Spanish speaking country. Latino means that you come from any country on South America, Spain, Mexico or Cuba; it does not, however, mean that you come from any country that descends from the Latin language, if that was true, then Italy and Portugal, for example, would enter the Latino classification (DISCLAIMER: Brazil is considered Latino, because it is on South America, even though it des not speak Spanish).

Now that we have that clear enough, let’s talk about what Latino people tend to vote for. The overall Latino vote tends to go for the Democrat party, however, the Cuban section of the Latino vote, tends to vote for the Republican party, the reason as to why they probably do this is because they escaped a dictatorship and the Democrats opposed their dictator, Fidel Castro.

What is the largest Hispanic population in the US?, it’s the Mexicans, with a whopping 37 million Mexicans in the US, followed by Puerto Ricans, with 5.6 million citizens.

People like to stereotype Hispanics, you may have heard that all Hispanic people are mean, dumb, illegal immigrants, but that is just a myth, and it probably surged from people’s belief about immigration, random racisms, etc. These kinds of stereotypes de generally offend people, because there are good Hispanic citizens that try very hard to be a better example than the people that the stereotypes are referencing (I’m not saying that there are non illegal immigrants and bad Hispanic people).


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