Who Will Win the NBA Finals?

Who Will Win the NBA Finals?

Danny Buckwell, Chief Editor

On September 30, the first NBA final game happened. In the NBA, there are four games against the same teams in the playoffs. For example, the Miami Heat played against the Boston Celtics and Miami won four games while Boston won two. The two teams who made it to the finals were the LA Lakers and the Miami Heat. It is the first time Miami has made it to the finals in six years. They now have a rookie, Tyler Herro, who has played really well in the team. LA has made it to the finals this year too and they have some of the most famous players on their roster. They have Lebron James, Dwight Howard, Anthony Davis, and many more. These next games are going to be a big competition, but who will win?

Yesterday, the first game in the finals happened. At the start, Miami was doing great and was leading by thirteen points until LA finished out strong and led by many points. Jimmy Butler in the Miami Heat made many baskets, but so did Anthony Davis. Anthony Davis had many rebounds, assists, and points which helped the Lakers make their win.

It was not expected for the Miami Heat to make it to the playoffs, let alone to the finals. If the Lakers win it won’t be a big surprise at all, but if Miami beats them, it will be shocking. Lebron James used to play in the Miami Heat with famous players like Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh. When those three played together, it was some of the best years for Miami fans. Now that Miami is playing against Lebron, it will be very competitive.

Both teams are really good and have great players, but I think the LA Lakers will defeat Miami. I want Miami to win, but I just think that the Lakers will beat them in five games. I don’t know right now, but we will just have to wait and see who comes out the strongest and wins this championship.

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