Top 5 Best Games in 2020

Top 5 Best Games in 2020

Luis Ortega, Author

Right now video games are probably more important than ever. Why? Because of Covid, many of us are stuck inside with nothing else to do! That’s why so many people are playing video games these days. Here’s my list of the top five best video games of 2020:

5. Minecraft:

Minecraft is a game which has been here for a long time. Minecraft is a game that you have to either survive or you can also just create stuff and you just can do what ever you want I chose this game as top 5 because many people play it but not as much as the following games.


Microsoft is bringing Minecraft to Xbox Game Pass - The Verge

4. Fall Guys:

For number 4 I chose the game Fall Guys. I chose this because it was really famous for a few months but then some cooler games came out and it just started dyeing but until this day people still play this game its honestly pretty cool. Fall guys is a game about how you have to get to the finish line before the timer goes off and there are obstacles and they can mess you up from winning. I think this is one of the hardest games to win.

Fall Guys - Jump in on August 4 - YouTube


3. Fortnite

I put Fortnite in top 3 because many people know about Fortnite and many people still play it. Yes it not in its best day but its still pretty famous and a lot of people still play it. The game of Fortnite is a battle royal game were there are 100 people in a game and you have to kill every one until your the last one.

Fortnite' launches Marvel's 'Nexus War,' but not on Apple devices - MarketWatch


2. Call of Duty Modern Warfare:

I chose this game for number 2 because every body is playing it. I think it one of the best games there has ever been. In the game there a couple of modes there is multiplayer Battle Royal and more. in multiplayer you go against a couple people and the team who gets more kill win. Battle Royal is like Fortnite but it like you are in war in real life its pretty violet and its more for like 12 year old and up.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - Xbox One -


1.  Among Us:

Among Us is right now the funniest and best game of this time. The game is about a murder mystery there is from 1 to 3 imposters and the rest are crewmates. The point of the game is to not let the imposters win. For the inposters is to kill every body without people finding out. For the crewmates to win they have to do all there tasks and also try to find out who are the imposters. The imposters can sabotage the game and try to make the game harder for the crewmates. Its a really fun game and if you want to get it its in either the app store or in PC. I think its a really fun game you should try it.


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