What Government System Would be the Best for America?

Democracy is giving up it’s positions. Should we change our governing system?


Some people say  that the USA is weakening. Elections have been destabilizing America since 2012. People are becoming more loyal to their parties than to the country. George Washington warned us about the parties in his “Farewell Address,” way back in 1797! Why didn’t we listen to him? We can answer that question later. Right now we need to answer another question. What system should we use in modern day America to save this country? Let’s review different types of government systems.

Authoritarianism: When the country is ruled by one person, or one small group of elite. This type of system was often appearing throughout the history. Take Julius Caesar-he was making ultimate decisions, without having to listen to anyone. Totalitarianism is the similar system, with the exception that totalitarian governments are lead with an ideological idea (communism, fascism) The bonus of such leaderships, is that leader can make quick decisions very fast, which is essential in emergencies (war, revolt, etc.) Also, in stressful periods, autocratic (Authoritarian) leaders can be really effective (like Stalin who “took the country with a plow, and left with a nuclear bomb“, Churchill). On the other hand, it often results in power abuse from the leadership, and hurt political and economical relationship with other countries. It also often results in “purges”, which kill thousands of people. Plus, civil rights are often not in priority.

Democracy: We all know what a Democracy is-it is a government system, when people choose how to run their things. In the Republican Democracy (like in Ancient Rome, modern USA, etc.)  we elect representatives, to represent us in government. In Direct Democracy (Ancient Athens) people debate on every decision themselves. The bonus to such system, that people are often better represented, human rights are in higher priority than in authoritarian countries.  On the other hand, government can stuck in a gridlock, when two parties disagree how to run things, AND cannot find common ground, and  nothing gets done (this is what happens right now in America). Plus, it is hard to make ultimate decisions in emergencies.

Monarchy: Is when 1 person is a king/queen of a country. He/she can make ultimate decisions, that cannot be objected. Much like in authoritarian societies. The difference, is that when a monarch dies, his/her oldest child gets the throne. In this type of society, the bonuses are fast reaction to emergencies and effectiveness. On the other hand, like in authoritarian societies, ruler can start a purge, or, if not a purge, an execution without consulting anyone (Henry VIII and wife killings). Also, people might get angry that person who was not chosen by them is ruling because “god has chosen him/her”.

Constitutional Monarchy:  The difference between regular and constitutional monarchy, is that monarch has far less power than in regular monarchy. All the power is concentrated in the hands of legislative branch (congress, parliament, while monarch can do very little. They can’t even declare war! They can’t execute people. This prevents a lot of negative, “monarchy stuff “. The problem, is that such government’s actions are VERY easily influenced by the actions in that branch of government. Prime Ministers (the leaders of parliaments) can be replaced at any moment, and their actions can turn tides in two seconds. This can destabilize the country. Also might get angry that a random person is the king, or queen of a country, while no one chose him/her.

There are more government systems than are described here. It is really hard to cover them all, and we are not going to do that right now. Instead, let us answer the question, “What system should we use in modern day America to save this country?” None of the above. Instead of sticking with one system, without changing it, maybe we should compromise. May be we should have dictators, but give them less power, so we could avoid purges, but have efficient government? Or, should we give our president more power, to make our country more productive and united without purging thousands? It is up to you to decide. Please, share your opinion in the comments below. Maybe I am all wrong, and our country is stronger than ever right now? Thank you for reading!

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