President Trump Takes His Mask Off in the White House


Danny Buckwell, Chief Editor

On October 5th, President Trump took off his mask in front of the White House and then walked inside. If he didn’t have COVID-19, it wouldn’t be a problem, but he did. He had just been discharged from the hospital when he took off his mask in front of cameras and supporters. He was trying to make a statement about not having to wear masks, but when he gets special treatment and then says it is not a big deal, it isn’t really fair. It is okay that he gets special treatment because he is the president, but he then talked about how COVID-19 wasn’t a problem while he got this special treatment.

He also was around Secret Service without a mask. If he continues doing this, he may get many people sick.

When President Trump took off his mask and went into the White House, he was making a statement. He was trying to show that masks are not important and COVID-19 isn’t a big deal. He did say that he was taking COVID-19 more seriously since he has gotten it, but doing things like this doesn’t show that at all. It shows that he is thinking similar things that he was before he got COVID-19. He could have gotten sympathy because he got sick, but because he made it look like he doesn’t care about COVID-19, he may not get sympathy anymore.

Many people tweeted and talked about how President Trump was trying to work harder in preventing COVID-19, but once he appeared outside the White House with no mask on, it changed what everyone was thinking. If he keeps doing things that change what people believe, his approval ratings will keep going down. Mistakes like these could make it harder for him to win the election, but I don’t think anyone will be changing their votes anytime soon. If you support Trump, most of the time no one will be able to change your mind because of one mistake and vice versa for Biden. The only way to win this election is by staying strong and not going downhill, so if President Trump wants to win, he can’t make any more mistakes.

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