Horror Stories to Tell in the Dark

Top 5 Horror Stories…

Horror Stories to Tell in the Dark

Alfonso Diaz, Author

When you’re a kid, I guess its normal for you to be afraid of monsters, but these monsters are different. They will scare the living daylights out of you! Sit back, relax and enjoy some creepy Horror stories!


                                                                                  The Crying Of  Puddles.
It review: The creepy clown is back, even if half of the story isn't | SBS Movies

It started way back in 1955 at Derry, Maine, where life was good, One day though a little girl and her father went to the mall, but then, the little girl who was called Annie, saw a adult sized stuffed clown called puddles, she fell in love with it at first sight, her father bought it because he knew the girl was more happy that way. It was night time and the girl fell asleep. But then, she heard some heavy footsteps, At first she thought It was her father, but then she heard crying, the crying got closer, and closer. The next morning her father went to check on his daughter only to find her gone and he saw the clown in her bed with a frown on his face.


The Costume

This story took place in Los Angeles, California 1989 at Halloween. A small Neighborhood was trick or treating near the woods. A baby sitter named  Janice was looking over the Woodley’s little boy, Ellis. The babysitter would do anything Ellis wanted. But then, Ellis said he wanted ice cream, which was in the basement. The babysitter went down to the basement to grab the ice cream and she saw a little girl outside through the window. She must have thought the little girl was trick or treating. So, she went up to give Ellis the Ice Cream but Ellis was negligent and forgot to tell her he wanted chocolate ice cream.  So, he made the baby sitter go back down to get him chocolate Ice Cream. But then, she saw the little girl again with a cape and a knife! The baby sitter must have thought it was the girl’s costume. But then, the baby so was negligent and forgot to tell her he wanted sprinkles and made her go and get sprinkles for his ice cream. But this time when the babysitter went down the noticed the little girl wasn’t there anymore and the baby sitter panicked. She told baby Ellis what happened and Baby Ellis said were no windows in the basement, only a mirror.

The Smiling Man 

July 9th 2002 is where this tragedy took place. They were conducting an experiment on a portal from another other dimension to bring and prove that interdimensional beings exist. But the experiment turned around and brought a being that was not friendly. That it had a smiling face that did not look forgiving. He ate some people and there was very few survivors where the tragedy took place. Ever since his escape, He has been terrorizing  the local town. Soon, The local townsmen give him the name “Boogeyman of the west”. He will kill anyone who gets in his way. He even killed children! Yup, He is that mean. But, even the military could not stop him. One of his most famous kill is when he massacred the town mayor. The mayor had just finished the town meeting on food shortages and he was heading home. But as soon as he arrived home he was pounced by smiling man in a bloodthirst.

The Hell Stack

It happened on May, 7th 1902 in a small farm somewhere in Texas, where people were living in peace without harm. All that changed, however, when the farmers who owned the area saw four of their animals (a donkey, a dog, a cat, and a rooster) stacked on top of each other.  At first, the farmers thought they were playing. But then, their eyes started glowing red, and they charged at the farmers and spoke these words, “whoever sees us at our eye, a blood moon will fall and you will die.” But, as soon as the horrible hell stack finished attacking the farmers, they killed them and ran off into the blood thirsty moon. If you go near the area where hell stack attacked the farmers, you can still hear their screams that now curse the area.


The Doll  

WARNING: This story may cause trauma, nightmares or hallucination. Do not read if scared of dolls. If you are not scared of dolls, please proceed. Viewer Discretion Advised.

This story took place in the 1930s where in a small house in Chicago, Illinois, where a girl named Lucy collected dolls from all around the country. Her mom got them because she thought it made Lucy happy. For Christmas her mom got her an antique doll called Talking Sarah.  The girl didn’t like the doll and asked her mom to return it. But the mom said it cost her a fortune and she made Lucy keep it. Lucy just put it by her shoes to get it over with. But then, at 3:00 AM she heard something that scared the living daylights out of her, “I’m hiding, can you find me?” Lucy was so scared she almost passed out. Then she heard this, “Lucy. I am on the first step.” She was freaking a lot! “Lucy, I am on the second step”. Lucy was panting, crazily. “Lucy, I am on the third step”. Lucy was now petrified. She did not move. “Lucy I am in the room”. Lucy could see that wicked smile and glowing red eyes. The next morning The mom entered the room only to find Lucy was gone and the doll crying out, “Mom, it’s me. It’s Lucy!”

Well, That’s it. Comment down below what story was scariest.

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