Who Won the NBA Finals?


Danny Buckwell, Chief Editor

On October 12th, there was another game of the NBA finals. The Los Angeles Lakers played against the Miami Heat and the Lakers were winning. They were winning because in the playoffs each team has to win four games against the other one. The Lakers had won three games already, while the Heat had won two. Last night the Heat could have either tied up the finals or the Lakers could have won it all, but who won the game? Who will win the series?

Last night when the finals happened it started with the Heat doing bad. The Lakers were doing great and looked like they were going to win. Miami started scoring more points after half time, but it was too late. The Lakers won 13 points as they took a trophy home. LA had a great season and deserv
ed the win, even though it would have been very interesting if Miami won because it wasn’t expected

Although LA won, Miami did well and beat many teams. They still won two games against the Lakers and beat teams like the Milwaukee Bucks and Boston Celtics. The only difference with Miami and LA is that LA came out stronger and won the finals.

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