Why Do We See Ghosts?


Isabella Thomas, Author

The statement “I saw a ghost” has always been very controversial. While some people believe they actually have seen ghosts, others just stick to the science behind it. If you notice, many people say that they’ve seen ghosts in their bed or bedroom at night. Often, they report that the ghost was holding them down and that they couldn’t move. This is not true. Although there is no evidence as to whether ghosts exist or not, there is an explanation.

If the “ghost” is holding you down you are most likely suffering from sleep paralysis. This means that you are literatly frozen in place. When you go to sleep you enter REM sleep or otherwise known as rapid eye movement. But, with sleep paralysis your brain messes up the proccess of falling asleep or waking up. Normally, you stop dreaming before you wake up but with this condition you wake up during REM sleep. Now you might be thinking what is the problem with this? Well, when you enter REM sleep your eyes are darting around while your body is paralyzed, I mean imagine your arms and legs flinging around, you could hurt somebody or even hurt yourself. But when you wake during REM sleep you are in a state of paralysis, and with sleep paralysis you can hear voices or even hallucinate. Nueroscientist Baland Jalal says its like dreaming with your eyes open.

Have you ever heard your phone buzz, somebody calling your name, you felt a breeze of wind but there are no windows open? These misperceptions are also hallucanationss says David Smailes, a psychologist in England. While most people just ingore it some turn to ghosts as the explanation. We make sense of our world using our senses so when something happens that our senses can’t explain we turn to the unexplainable. Ghosts. Our brain has a very hard job it has to process everything. But, our brains are so good at their jobs they make us see things out of nothing, for example a face on the moon or when you gaze at the clouds and see shapes or faces. Well this sort of the same thing when you see a scary figure in your room but it’s actually just a pile of clothes. I hope this article helped you get over your fear of the dark. Have a happy Halloween and let me know if this article helped.

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