How Will Undecided Voters Change the Election?

How Will Undecided Voters Change the Election?

Danny Buckwell, Chief Editor

Election day is almost here and many people have chosen their candidates. The candidates are former Vice President Biden and President Trump. If either of them want to win, they can’t get votes from people who are supporting the other candidates, but they have to win the undecided voters. There are many undecided voters and there always have been in every single election. Will there be many undecided voters? Could they completely change the outcome of the election?

If you were walking on a street and you asked someone who they were voting for, at least some people would have said they didn’t know. It is suprising how people have the power to change something completely, but don’t use it. Especially when they like a candidate more than they other and could help support them. I believe that if every single person voted, it could completely change every election. If everyone voted in the election of 2016, Hillary Clinton may have won. It could have also ended up as Trump winning by a lot more than he did originally, but it could have changed so much. I think that Trump would have won that election anyways, but we will never know.

This year there are many people that couldn’t vote before, but can now. These people are felons. Felons are people who did a crime, but served time in jail. In Florida it was illegal for them to vote even after they came out of jail and weren’t doing anything illegal. Recently, they were told that they had to pay out debts to be able to vote, but since they have criminal records it is hard to get a good job and therefore get enough money. Mike Bloomberg payed out their debts and now they may be able to vote during this election. The fellons are mostly likely to support Joe Biden because Bloomberg does. Yes, Bloomberg was a Republican mayor in New York, but he is also a moderate. This means that he is a mix of both the conservative and liberal sides of politics. Another reason why felons may want to vote Democrat is because the Senate is the part of Congress that made it so felons could not vote. The Senate’s majority is conservative and that means that felons are most likely to vote against them. Many fellons may still vote for President Trump and many may be undecided, but many of them will probably vote for Joe Biden.

You may be wondering “Why can’t everyone just decide to vote?” The answer is not that simple. There are many different reasons that prevent people from deciding a vote. It could be because they don’t agree with the candidates, they don’t like parties, or maybe just because they don’t want to vote. There are also many people that just don’t follow politics and don’t know who’s running, but whatever it is, it prevents someone from voting for a candidate. That’s why there are also third party candidates or independent party candidates. Those candidates are other options for voting, but the problem with that is that they will probably not win the election. Politics has become so partisan, meaning that you either vote for the Democratic party or the Republican party. If you vote for any other candidate, they will most likely lose.

President Trump and Biden are the main candidates for this election. If either of them want to win, they can’t make any mistakes and they have to get undecided voters to vote for them. They are both trying to get undecided voters. Right now, Joe Biden is leading in the polls by 11%. He is also leading in Florida, which is known to be a Republican state. Even though he is leading in Florida, so many voters are still undecided.

At least 5% of voters in most polls are undecided. To win more of these people Joe Biden seems like he is trying to be respectful. During his townhall meeting, he said that he shouldn’t have called President Trump a clown, but instead said what he was doing was “A clownish undertaking.” Even though he is trying to be respectful, both him and the president were disrespectful during the debate. Joe Biden called him a clown and told him to shut up, while President Trump kept interrupting and talking over him. It was a very uncivilized debate one both sides. If you were an undecided voter and you were watching that debate, you probably would have had no clue as to who you should vote for. I would have thought about voting a third party candidate if I was undecided already. Supporting candidates is like choosing your career. Once you find your passion, it may change, but it usually doesn’t. It sticks with you forever, even when it somehow brings you against it.

Of course, President Trump is also trying to get undecided voters. He has been doing rallys to get support, but he has also been begging people like suburban women asking “Would you please like me?” He also made a townhall meeting and put it on the same date as Joe Biden’s. One thing that President Trump did that wasn’t great was how he took off his mask infront of supporters, cameras, and the White House. This wouldn’t have been a big deal for someone who wasn’t sick, but the president had been diagnosed with COVID-19. When he was diagnosed with it, he could have gotten sympathy from many people, but instead he made the virus seem like hardly a big deal. It may not have been a big deal for him because he is the president, but it is for many people who live with their grandparents or people diagnosed with other sicknesses. In my opinion, I do not think that President Trump is being smart at all about getting undecided voters.

Undecided voters really do affect elections. Winning undecided voters is the most important thing for every candidate right now. They all need to find great ways to take action and show that they can be a great president. No matter if they are Republican, Democratic, or even a third party candidate, they all need to prove to this country that they are the candidate you want.


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