Jill Biden Vs. Melania Trump and How Different They Truly Are


Matilde Canamaque and Natalia Krasovitzky

When we elect a president we are also choosing a new first lady. In this case, Jill Biden (former second lady) and Melania Trump (current 1st lady) are both candidates for the spot as the first lady. We decided it would be a good idea to tell you a little bit about them both and show you how different they truly are. Not to show you who is better or worse but to show you two different candidates running for the spot as First Lady of the United States

The two candidates for this year are very different all the way to where and when they were born to what their careers and lifestyle choices are. Unlike Jill, Melania was born in a different country. She was born in Slovenia on April 26, 1970. When she got older she went to the University of Ljubljana to study design and Architecture. Melania never finished college. She cut her college life short because she decided she wanted to pursue her career as a model. This is completely different from Jill Biden. Jill was born on June 3, 1951, in New Jersey. Unlike Melania when Jill grew up she went off to college and got her bachelor’s, masters, and doctoral degrees. 

Melania began her modeling career at a young age. She was very devoted to modeling from the start. After leaving college she went to model for fashion houses in Paris and Milan. Later on, she went to model in New York. In 2010 she launched her line of high-end jewelry. She also had a skincare collection. They were both very well known but she had to discontinue her business when she became the first lady. They told her she couldn’t profit from her title as the first lady.

When Melania took on the role of the first lady she also took on the job to come up with a project that will benefit the people/country like previous first ladies have done. Melania took on the big situations of cyberbullying. The 2nd Lady must also take up a task. As 2nd Lady Dr. Biden took on many projects. Her main projects included bringing attention to the sacrifices made by military families, To highlight the importance of community colleges and how they affect America’s future, and she worked on raising awareness around areas of particular importance to women. Including breast cancer prevention. If that doesn’t impress you maybe the fact she did all this while working full time at a community college teaching English might.

When it comes to family the two candidates are very different. During high school, Jill met Bill Stevenson. They eventually got married and graduated high school together. They planned to go to college together but during the first year, they drifted apart and eventually got divorced. Jill met Joe in March 1975. Jill fell in love with Biden because compared to everyone in her college, Joe Biden was a gentleman. They later got married on June 17, 1977. Joe already had two sons from his last marriage, sadly his last wife and infant daughter died in a car crash. Jill became very close to Joe’s children and even though she never legally adopted them. She thought of herself as their mother and they thought of her as their mother. Later on, Jill and Joe had a daughter. Her name was Ashley and she was born in 1981. Soon after arriving in New York for modeling, she met Donald at a party in September 1998, and they soon started dating. They were engaged in 2004 and were married in 2005 making her Trump’s third wife. They later had a child known as Barren William Trump. He was born on March 20, 2006. Melania supported and helped Trump’s campaign and in 2016 she became the First Lady. 

Overall, Jill Biden and Melania Trump had very different histories. Jill Biden had studied to become a teacher and Melania spent her days in magazines. Neither one is better or worse than the other. Just very different people and you have to choose who you want to be your first lady.


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